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What is a Cisco Meraki Access Point & 5 Benefits of Wi-Fi 6E

Cisco Meraki Wi-fi 6E Access Points on a white background.

Thousands of small businesses and enterprise level organizations (including the majority of Fortune 500 companies) are investing in cloud-based solutions.

To further enhance the benefits of cloud-based solutions, let’s take a look at Cisco Meraki’s Access Points. The new Meraki Wi-Fi 6E access points come with incredible features to enhance your organization's productivity and simplify management.

What is an Access Point?

Access points, also known as wireless access points or WAPs, are essential networking devices that enable seamless wireless connections for various devices like laptops, tablets, and phones to a wired network. The devices that assist in providing Wi-Fi coverage in your office, building, or campus.

What is Wi-Fi 6E?

Wi-Fi 6E is an upgraded version of the existing Wi-Fi 6 standard that allows you to have access to the full 6GHZ spectrum. Having Wi-Fi 6E access points will allow you to have increased speed, lower latencies, and more!


What Are the Benefits of Meraki Wi-Fi 6E Access Points?

Faster Speeds

Say goodbye to slow speeds and slow networks! Experience blazing-fast speeds of up to 4,800 Mbps and expand your network with wider channel options, including 20 MHz, 40 MHz, 80 MHz, and 160 MHz. Get ready for unparalleled performance and connectivity.

Increased Wireless Performance and Efficiency

Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi access points are designed to deliver state-of-the-art performance even in the most complex environments. Hotels, retail stores, schools, hospitals, and more are now able to have the highest speeds of internet connectivity, security, and efficiency without any complexities.

Increased Availability and Resiliency

Meraki Wi-Fi access points such as the MR57 come with 802.3at- and 802.3bt-compliant Ethernet ports so you can power your device as you like. Its multiple operational modes allow you to adapt to every situation to meet all your organizational needs.

Are you struggling with interference and network congestion? Switch your access points to dual-band mode and get 5 extra GHz of bandwidth capacity to tackle your daily tasks with ease!

The Meraki Dashboard Platform

Leverage your Meraki Wireless access points with the Meraki Dashboard to easily deploy your solutions in seconds and without the need to have an expert on-site. Features like the Meraki diagnostic tools allow you to keep track of your Meraki access points 24/7/365 with minimal hassle.

World-Class Cisco Meraki Support Services

Choosing BTI as your Meraki support services provider will allow you to further enhance the functionality and security of your Meraki cloud-based environment. Whether you need help with installation, deployment, troubleshooting, or any other issue related to your Meraki environment, we can help!

What Cisco Meraki Access Point Model Should You Choose?

The Cisco Meraki MR64E, MR76, and MR86, Wi-Fi access points are Wi-Fi 6E certified and support advanced features like MU-MIMO, OFDMA, and power-saving capabilities such as target wake time (TWT). They are equipped with quad-radio architecture including 2.4 GHz, 5GHz, security scanning, and IoT radios.

Cisco Meraki MR64E Access Point

The Meraki MR64E is specifically designed to meet the demands of next-generation deployments. With its exceptional throughput, top-notch security features, and effortless management, the MR64E offers an unrivaled solution for any indoor setting.

Cisco Meraki MR76 Access Point

The Meraki MR76 access point is designed to excel in harsh outdoor conditions like campuses and industrial indoor locations. The advanced mesh rate selection algorithms ensure seamless bridging and connectivity between access points.

Equipped with a dedicated third radio, the Meraki MR76 access point offers real-time WIDS/WIPS with automated RF optimization for maximum security. The integrated fourth radio allows you to enjoy Bluetooth Low Energy scanning and Beaconing functionality.

Best of all, the MR76 is easily managed through the user-friendly Meraki Dashboard, which offers a plethora of features right out of the box at no extra cost or hassle.

Cisco Meraki MR86 Access Point

The Meraki MR86 access point is the ultimate Wi-Fi 6 solution for rugged and outdoor environments. With its cutting-edge multigigabit technology, this high-performance device is designed to thrive in tough RF conditions and high-density settings.

Top Features of The Meraki MR Access Point Series

  • Self-configuring plug-and-play deployment

  • 802.11ax MU-MIMO with up to eight spatial streams built for voice and video

  • Dedicated radio for security and RF optimization with integrated spectrum analysis (indoor models)

  • Advanced security to protect against malware, ransomware, and C2 callbacks with Umbrella integration

  • Integrated intrusion detection and prevention system (WIDS/WIPS)

  • Intelligent firmware upgrades that minimize downtime

  • AI/ML-powered analytics for root cause analysis and Wi-Fi troubleshooting

  • Advanced application visibility with Cisco Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR)

  • Flexible group policy engine for creating and applying application-aware policies by network, device type, and end-user

  • Wi-Fi personal network (WPN) on any shared network (dorms, senior living, hotel rooms, etc.)

  • Integrated Bluetooth® IoT radio

  • IoT ready (ESL integration)

  • Self-healing, zero-configuration mesh

  • Intelligent firmware upgrades that minimize client downtime

  • Role-based administration and automatic, scheduled firmware upgrades delivered over the web

  • Email and text message alerts upon power loss, downtime, or configuration changes

  • FIPS-140-2 compliant, IPv6 compatible, WFA-certified APs

Key Features of Wi-Fi 6 Over Wi-Fi 5



​Take Advantage of Both 2.4 and 5G Spectrum

Enhanced propagation and improved efficiency make 802.11ax the ideal choice for scalable IoT support.

​Uplink and downlink orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA)

​Enhance network performance and reduce delays in high-demand settings.

Multi-user multiple-input, multiple-output (MU-MIMO)

Increase data transfer and support simultaneous connections to multiple clients with an expanded access point capability.

​256 QAM to 1024 QAM

​Improve your Wi-Fi device's performance with increased data encoding, boosting throughput without requiring additional spectrum usage.

​BSS coloring

​Enhance connectivity and minimize interference with spatial reuse.

​Target wake time (TWT)

​Enhance battery life in Wi-Fi devices, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

BTI, The Cisco Meraki Reseller Near Me

Here, at BTI we have more than 35+ years of experience providing state-of-the-art support services for small businesses, enterprise-level organizations, and governmental agencies. In addition, we are an authorized Cisco Meraki Reseller, and we can provide all the hardware and software your business needs at the best prices!

Contact us today to schedule your free assessment and enjoy all the benefits that Cisco Meraki Wireless access points can bring to the table!



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