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12 Benefits of Trying Meraki Cloud Management & BTI

Close-up of a person managing Cisco Meraki cloud concept art.

BTI knows that having a network that is cost-efficient and easily manageable is crucial to ensure your business’ success! That’s why we take special care when designing, installing, and choosing the hardware, software, and services needed to meet your specific needs.

One of the best ways to reduce complexity and increase the efficiency of your network while drastically reducing costs is cloud-based network management. Cisco Meraki, one of the best providers regarding cloud management, implemented multiple improvements to their products that if paired with BTI could reduce your expenses even further.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of Meraki cloud management and how switching to the cloud can take your business efficiency to the next level!

Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents

What is Meraki Cloud Management?

Meraki Cloud Management is a centralized management service that allows you to administer all your Meraki network devices through a single and secure centralized platform. Since your network is deployed, monitored, and configured through the cloud, there is no need to invest in costly hardware, installation, or training, resulting in an instant reduction in maintenance fees, hardware, and training.

Cloud management concept art.

What is Meraki MDM (Mobile Device Management)

Network management can be a complex task. Thankfully, cloud-based networks can be managed remotely from anywhere at any time. Cisco Meraki MDM is a Cisco Meraki cloud-based application that allows network administrators to manage all their devices from their phones regardless of where they are.

With Meraki MDM, users can easily manage all their network devices remotely via the Meraki Dashboard or via APIs.

Ovreview of the Meraki Dashboard in the clients tab.

What areThe Benefits of Meraki Cloud Management?

Meraki Architecture was designed with the cloud in mind. This allows Meraki Architecture to provide feature-rich network management without the need to invest in on-site management hardware. Every Meraki device connects over the internet to Meraki Data Centers. Every Meraki device is secured by SSL to provide advanced visibility and control.


Valuable Insights and Troubleshooting with Just a Click

Meraki's architecture provides valuable insight, features, and live tools seamlessly integrated into the dashboard. This allows for instant analysis of performance, connectivity, and other important metrics.

With the use of live tools, network administrators can now troubleshoot issues without having to physically be on site. These tools provide visibility into devices, users, and applications, giving administrators the necessary information to enforce security policies and ensure optimal performance with ease.

Additionally, troubleshooting tools such as ping, traceroute, throughput, and live packet captures are seamlessly integrated into the Meraki dashboard, significantly decreasing resolution times, and allowing for troubleshooting at remote locations even without on-site IT staff.

Live Troubleshooting menu in the Cisco Meraki Dashboard

Out of Band Control Plane

Meraki separates network management data from user data by using an out-of-band control plane. This means that the data related to configuration, statistics, monitoring, etc., flows from Meraki devices to Meraki's cloud using a secure Internet connection.

However, user data like web browsing and internal applications do not pass through the cloud. Instead, it flows directly to its intended destination on the LAN or across the WAN.

This ensures that management data remains separate from user data, enhancing both security and efficiency.

Cisco Meraki out of band control plane feature visual representation.

World-Class Cybersecurity

Meraki's cloud management service is hosted in highly secure and certified data centers. These state-of-the-art facilities have top-notch physical and cyber security measures in place, ensuring the protection of customers' data.

Meraki's services are redundantly replicated across multiple independent data centers, meaning that in the event of a major data center failure, customer services will seamlessly and rapidly switch over to ensure minimal disruption.

Pairing the existing Meraki security measures with BTI IT services will allow you to have enterprise-level security in your organization. When choosing BTI as your Meraki Cloud Management provider you can get:

Closeup of a man typing his credentials to access his laptop.

Administrator Tools

Meraki offers an array of tools that empower administrators to enhance the security of their network deployments:


Two-Factor Authentication or Multi-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security by asking Cisco Meraki cloud managers to access a one-time password sent to their phone once they’ve already accessed their credentials.

Password Policies

Cisco Meraki System Managers can easily ensure the security of their cloud-based network thanks to Meraki’s organization-wide-security policies. With these tools,a manager can:

  • Force Periodic Password Changes

  • Lock users out after a determined number of failed login attempts

  • Refuse password reuse

  • Restrict logins by IP address and more

Cisco Meraki Platform Password Policies.

Idle Timeout

Users are automatically logged out after inactivity is detected.

Role-Based Administration

Role-based administration allows supervisors to assign administrators for specific sections of an organization. They can determine if these administrators will have read-only access to reports and troubleshooting tools, manage guest access, or make configuration changes to the network.

This approach reduces the risk of accidental or intentional misconfiguration and limits errors to isolated areas of the network.

Role based administration feature in Meraki Dashboard.

Configuration Change Alerts

The Meraki system makes it easy to receive email and text message alerts whenever configuration changes are made. These alerts are written in a way that anyone can understand, making it convenient for the entire IT organization to stay updated on new policies.

This feature is especially useful for large or distributed IT organizations, where change alerts are particularly important. So, you can stay on top of all the necessary updates effortlessly.

Warning pop-up of a computer on a red background.

Configuration & Login Audits

Meraki keeps track of the time, IP address, and general location (city, state) of administrators who log in. Features like a searchable log of configuration changes allow Meraki managers to know what changes were made, who made them, and where in the organization the changes took place.

SSL Certificates

Access to Meraki accounts is exclusively through a secure https connection, guaranteeing that any communication between an administrator's browser and Meraki's cloud services is protected and always encrypted.

The Best Prices and Support in the Market

As a Cisco Meraki authorized partner, BTI can provide, install, and maintain the full suite of Meraki solutions at competitive prices! In addition, our team of Cisco Certified IT engineers will ensure your network is safe and performs in optimal conditions 24/7!

It does not matter if you are a small business or an enterprise-level organization, we have the expertise to deliver tailored IT solutions that fit your specific needs and budget.

BTI, The Cisco Meraki Provider Near Me

Here at BTI, we have more than 35+ years of experience providing state-of-the-art IT support, installation, design, and maintenance services for small business and enterprise-level organizations.

Are make the switch to Meraki Cloud Management? Contact us today and schedule a free business assessment!



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