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Why The Axis P3719-PLE Multi-Lens Camera Shows Up Everywhere

If you look for the security cameras at your local bank, airport, or retail store, chances are you’ll see a particular Axis camera on their premises. Many businesses and government institutions are using the Axis P3719 4-lens multidirectional camera to safeguard their facilities and support their day-to-day operations. But what makes this surveillance camera stand out, and why you are going to keep seeing it more? Keep reading!

Axis P3719 mounted to a ceiling and viewed from its front.

Multidirectional Cameras Vs Traditional Cameras

Multidirectional cameras are different from traditional cameras because they are capable of covering multiple directions simultaneously. Each camera head can be positioned independently to provide a wider view of your premises. The Axis P3719 comes with 4 camera heads that provide a 360-degree view of your facility.

These features make the Axis P3719 perfect for monitoring wide areas in both, indoor, and outdoor scenarios!

Fewer Cameras, More Coverage

The Axis P3719 allows you to greatly increase the coverage of surveillance systems while reducing the number of security cameras needed to secure your facility. When a school district is looking to enhance its security and update its surveillance systems the Axis P3719 and similar models are frequently requested.

The reasoning? They can dramatically reduce the number of security cameras needed while increasing visibility across the entire district. For instance, Knoch School District was able to reduce the number of surveillance cameras required from 200 down to 150, while increasing the total viewpoints to 337. Additionally, the district saved almost $60,000 in wiring costs and licensing fees!

If you would like to know more, read the Axis Communications Knoch School District Case Study.

In addition, when purchasing your Axis security cameras through BTI Communications Group, you gain access to our incredible vendors who can give you the best prices and support for a low cost!

Open Architecture

Axis Open Architecture software allows you to easily pair your Axis P3719-PLE with third-party devices. This allows you to scale your surveillance systems as you need to without the need to change any of the underlying foundations your company may already have.

Perfect Under Any Light Conditions

The Axis P3719 delivers clear video no matter the lighting conditions. Its four channels have Quad HD resolution at 30fps. Additionally, the camera comes with a 360-degree with controllable LEDs and an automatic IR cut filter to provide you with the highest quality at all times of the day and even in complete darkness.

These amazing capabilities make the Axis P3719 perfect for inside and outside surveillance.

Built to Last

Law enforcement agencies commonly use the Axis P3719 to monitor outside scenarios like city parks and other areas due to its weather-resistant capabilities and IP66/IP67 rating. With Axis cameras, you get clear images come hail, rain, or snow.

Remote Zoom & Focus

The Axis P3719-PLE comes with remote zoom and fast focus capabilities to ensure that the user always has access to forensic-grade images at all times. This feature also allows you to modify the angle and level of zoom of each camera head individually to provide you with increased flexibility.

Axis Analytics

Support your operations while increasing your security measures with Axis Analytics! When you buy the Axis P3719 the following analytics are included:

● Axis Fence Guard

● Axis Motion Guard

● Axis Loitering Guard

● Axis Motion Detection

Do you want to learn more about how Axis Analytics can increase your safety and support your operations? Take a look at our other blogs on the topic:

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BTI Communications Group: The Axis Installer Near Me

The Axis P3719 suits all businesses that are looking to maintain the highest levels of security while reducing costs. Are you ready to implement the best physical security solutions in your organization?

At BTI Communications Group, we have more than 35 years of experience in the fields of communication, IT, & security and we can help you manage, install, and maintain all your solutions! Are you ready to get your Axis security cameras with the best support on the market? Contact us now or schedule a free business assessment!

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