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Best in Class Business Telephony, Managed IT, Safety, Security, and Communications Solutions for Any Industry


At BTI Communications Group, we’re dedicated to providing high-value, low-cost data, voice, managed communication, and IT security solutions for businesses and organizations of all types.

Our Innovative and Customizable Voice, Data, Workplace, Managed IT Communication & Security Solutions for Businesses

Scale Our Services to Fit Your Specific Needs

When you need comprehensive security, telephony, workplace safety, or IT services, BTI can deliver. Our team specializes in four core services designed to keep costs low while giving you superior protection, easy access to information, and simplified management. Since we offer integrated security, workplace safety, business phone systems, and managed IT services, we can protect your business from a wide variety of threats.


All of our services feature incredible scalability, meaning you can customize them to fit your specific security and budgetary needs. We also ensure our clients receive best-in-class service by offering 24/7 monitoring and management. If you’re interested in our converged network and security solutions for businesses and organizations, review their main features below:

IP Video Surveillance

Behavioral Analytics

Access Control

Mobile Platforms

Cloud Solutions

Intrusion Detection

Digital & IP Phones

Hosted Solutions

Conference Phones

Business Continuity

Cyber Security

Network Monitoring

Risk Management

Disaster Recovery

Visitor Management

Temperature Capture

Touchless Screening

Real-Time Alerts

Workplace Safety

Integrated Security

Business Phones

Managed IT


BTI: Your Comprehensive Voice and Data Network Security Providers

Alongside offering many IT, workplace safety, security, and telecommunication services, we also ensure that any security and communications solutions we provide feature the foremost level of operational reliability and technical quality. Our team will also work closely with you to understand your goals and find solutions fitting your budget. Some of the top reasons you might want to choose us for your communication, workplace safety, IT, and security needs include: 

Quality products that meet quality support and service to ensure maximum value.

Dedication to being your best service provider in all industries.

Scalable and customizable solutions designed for your unique needs.

24/7 proactive monitoring and management option!

Schedule a Free Security System and Custom IT Solution Consultation

Whether you want to upgrade your cybersecurity or need surveillance equipment, our BTI professionals are the voice and data network security providers here to serve you. When you turn to us for our telecommunication services, workplace safety solutions, commercial security systems, and IT professional services, you can expect them to streamline your operations and provide comprehensive security. Once you contact us and schedule a free consultation, our team can evaluate your network, phone system, workplace safety, and physical security to help you identify the right solutions for your current needs.


Schedule a free security system and custom IT solution consultation today. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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