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Workplace Safety Solutions

If you want to protect your employees from COVID-19 and other viruses, you need BTI Communications Group’s COVID-19 Workplace Solution. 

Our COVID-19 Workplace Solutions

With our software technology, you can easily perform contact-free temperature checks, ensure employees take health questionnaires before entering your workplace, and conduct contact tracing. These solutions reduce the risk of viruses spreading at your office or facility, helping your employees stay safe at work.

We offer multiple workplace safety solutions ranging from a simple CDC questionnaire to our fully integrated COVID-19 Workplace Solution. This integrated solution works with your time clock, access control, visitor management, reporting, and compliance program.

Using AI technology, the COVID-19 Workplace Solution accomplishes five critical tasks:

  • Requires employees to take a quick health questionnaire before entering the workplace.

  • Performs a contact-free temperature check.

  • Checks to be sure employees are wearing masks.

  • If needed, can conduct quick and efficient contact tracing.

  • Performs people/occupancy counting.

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Key Features of Our COVID-19 Workplace Solution

When you use our COVID-19 Workplace Solution, you’ll receive a non-contact body temperature scanner and data access platform designed to keep your work environment safe and compliant. Some of the key features our data access platform offers include:

  • Customizable health questions

  • Centralized monitoring of all thermal sensors

  • Simple and easy reporting to support COVID-19 Legislation

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  • Contact tracing based on biometric data

  • Real-time alerts via email/SMS

  • Data privacy compliant with HIPAA data security standards

Contact Us for a Free Workplace Safety Assessment

Whether you run a health care facility or an office building, you can use our free safety assessment to evaluate the current safety of your workplace. Once we evaluate your office or facility, we can help you implement our COVID-19 Workplace Solution and upgrade your safety protocols. Since we believe in protecting our clients from all types of threats, we also offer telephony services for business phones, integrated physical security, and managed IT services.

If you’re ready to receive a workplace safety assessment, please schedule your free consultation today. You can also contact us with any questions you might have, and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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