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Utilize Software Technology to Keep
Healthcare Facilities Secure

Workplace Safety Solutions

We offer multiple solutions ranging from a simple CDC questionnaire to a fully integrated solution that works with your time clock, access control, visitor management, reporting, and compliance program.

Using AI technology, the COVID-19 Workplace Solution accomplishes five critical tasks:

  • Requires employees to take a quick health questionnaire before entering the workplace.

  • Performs a contact-free temperature check.

  • Checks to be sure employees are wearing masks.

  • If needed, can conduct quick and efficient contact tracing.

  • Performs people/occupancy counting.

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Key Features

Non-contact body temperature scanner and data access platform

that will keep your work environment safe and compliant

  • Customizable health questions

  • Centralized monitoring of all thermal sensors

  • Simple and easy reporting to support COVID-19 Legislation

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  • Contact tracing based on biometric data

  • Real time Aalerts via Email/SMS

  • Data privacy compliant with HIPAA data security standards