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Call Recording and Telecom Analytics for Maximum Profit

Are you looking for new ways to increase the profits of your business? If so, then BTI’s call recording and telecom analytics solutions are an excellent option to explore. By leveraging today's technology, you can collect valuable customer data while also helping to better understand customer needs.

Not only that, investing in call recording and telecom analytics can help you identify trends within your company’s communication network to promote growth, provide valuable information, and increase your productivity to maximize profits. Do you want to know how BTI can help you get the most out of your business communications? Keep reading!

Colleagues working together in a call center while using headphones.
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The Benefits of Call Recording

Call recording gives you the power to gain in-depth insight into all of your customer interactions. With voice and screen capture capabilities, metadata analysis, hold time metrics, and optional desktop & speech analytics—you can now make more informed decisions on how best to serve your customers.

Quality Management

Call recording is a great way to ensure that your team performs at its highest capabilities. Get insights from analytics, automated training, and personalized dashboards—plus add in some friendly competition with gamification for maximum effectiveness! Unlock the full potential of quality management with self-serve portals designed specifically to help you take charge.

Desktop Recording

Gather audio and visual insights into your team's desktop activities with our automated recording feature! Capture what goes right or where there’s room for improvement to maximize your business performance. Easily sync recordings to 3rd party systems for a streamlined workflow.

Speech Analytics

Transcribe and analyze your audio interactions based on your organizational goals to evaluate customer interactions, guard your customer’s sensitive data, follow compliance requirements, and produce valuable insights!

Desktop Analytics

Add searchable data for your customer interactions based on your CRM or front-office applications. Use customer IDs to support tickets, easily find specific customers’ conversations, pause recordings when sensitive data is on screen, pause, resume, or add valuable data to your recordings, capture salesforce data, or develop your own integrations!

Workforce Management

Streamline the way your staff works. Get real-time insights into their performance and give them access to their schedules with an easy-to-use agent portal. Make sure all queues are balanced out across single and multi-skillset requirements to make sure that everything runs smoothly!

BTI Communications: The Call Recording & Telecom Analytics Provider You Need

BTI is the ultimate partner when it comes to workforce optimization, helping businesses achieve amazing results with less. We don't just offer comprehensive contact center solutions—we provide a range of IT and security services, too! Partnering up with BTI means you can reduce costs while increasing operational efficiency. Contact us to maximize your success today!


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