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3 Benefits of OpenPath Door Access Control Software

To comply with today’s business security measures, organizations need to view security as a multidimensional practice. A business’ security must safeguard physical and digital assets while simultaneously supporting existing emergency response plans. The absence of either of these requirements can put the whole infrastructure of a company in jeopardy. Thankfully, there are tools like OpenPath software that allow business owners to have a complete overview of their business security.

OpenPath is a door access control software that helps business owners keep all security measures in check. With OpenPath software you can protect your company’s assets as well as your employees by ensuring that your organization follows the appropriate security measures in compliance with government regulations. While there are several choices for door access control software, OpenPath offers 3 key benefits that make it such a great choice.

1. OpenPath Software is Future-proof

Openpath is a cloud-based software that is focused on delivering a safe solution that is scalable, convenient, and reliable. Its hosted nature allows business owners to experience benefits that no on-premise security solution has, such as:

Full Remote Management

You can access OpenPath software from any device that has an internet connection. This allows you to manage credentials, open doors, customize entries, and more. All the while, you’ll have full control over all your sites from your tablet, phone, laptop, or computer.

Consistent Updates

OpenPath software is constantly updated to protect your business against all kinds of cyber threats without the need to interrupt your workflow. Its end-to-end encryption keeps your sensitive data safe in case of any attack.

Flexible Credential Management

OpenPath software allows you to easily customize permissions and credentials with just one click. Set time schedules and specific authorizations for outsiders, such as technicians, that need temporary access to the company. You can also revoke access to visitors or insiders and change permissions with ease.

24/7 Support

Your business can monitor hardware status and performance, check the system’s overall health, and troubleshoot your solution from anywhere at any time!

2. OpenPath Software Allows Video Surveillance Integration

OpenPath video monitoring gives users a more detailed overview of what’s happening in all your spaces. VMS integration allows you to receive alerts in real-time to identify perpetrators, and workplace safety failures to prevent any security risks.

Video surveillance integration allows managers to immediately locate and handle business-threatening situations like fires and other hazardous conditions. Having visual evidence is also important in case of false accusations, accidents, theft, and property damage. Consistent surveillance will protect your organization and its employees from internal and external threats. Features like access control and VMS (video management software) integration give users the following benefits:

  • Improved Efficiency

  • Increased Safety

  • Evidence Backup

3. OpenPath Software Can Integrate With Other Apps

You can now integrate your door access control software with the leading applications in the security market! With more than 45+ apps available, OpenPath software allows you to grow your security system exponentially. Compatible apps include:

  • Microsoft Active Directory

  • Avigilon

  • Cisco Meraki

  • Google Workplace

  • Milestone

  • Openeye

  • Office 365

And more!

OpenPath Software Puts Security Above Everything

In addition to the other benefits, OpenPath is always researching and updating its systems to ensure the protection of your sensitive data. Some of their mandatory practices to maintain the highest security standards in the industry are:

With OpenPath software, you can be sure that your information will always be safe.

BTI: Your OpenPath Installer and Integrator

BTI is a proud certified OpenPath software installation company and integrator with more than 35 years of experience in IT, physical security, and communications field! Contact us today and learn about all the high-quality solutions we can offer your business! If you would like to schedule a free assessment, click here!


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