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The Power of Integrating Video Surveillance and Access Control

Most of the time video surveillance and access control systems are the first step companies take toward implementing security measures. Many businesses implement these technologies separately, however, the most effective way to implement security systems is by creating an ecosystem that combines the use of hardware and software products into a single platform. This is known as integration, and it is the most powerful way to protect a company. When access control & video surveillance work together, businesses can take advantage of several benefits that wouldn't be possible with either system on its own.

Easier Management

You are now able to control both access control & video surveillance from a single interface. Integrated systems allow security staff to view video footage quickly and easily alongside access control logs to investigate incidents, manage access, identify bystanders, and more. If the system needs to be modified this can be done with just a few clicks. Security integrations are also compatible with different devices. Users can access the platform from a smartphone, tablet, or computer to supervise the company from anywhere at any time.

Improved Safety

When access control and video surveillance work together businesses enjoy an instant increase in security measures. For example, companies can use access control data to trigger video footage recording. If someone attempts to enter a restricted area or if an access card is used after hours, the security cameras will begin recording. This footage can be used to investigate the incident and take appropriate action. Besides protecting businesses against intruders, access control & video surveillance integration can prevent the following,

  • Tailgating: Identify tailgaters the moment they trespass. Receive notifications instantly to your preferred devices.

  • Loss Prevention: Track individuals to identify suspicious behavior.

  • Improved Emergency Protocols: Measure and monitor the efficiency of emergency protocols. Track response times and the employee flow to find out if your current emergency protocols are adequate for your company.

  • Occupancy Management: Measure foot traffic and space utilization to make smart business decisions.

Multi-Site Management

Cloud video surveillance and access control integration allow businesses to manage multiple sites from a single platform. You can view live footage, cloud access control logs, and run reports for all sites from one central location without using different types of software. Cloud video surveillance and access control integration minimizes threats, saves time, and saves money.

Centralized Data

Cloud video surveillance and access control integration combine the information generated to obtain meaningful insights and data. If a business decides to add other security measures in the future, these new measures can also be integrated to grant their users even more specific information.

Is access control and video surveillance integration appropriate for every business?

To determine if cloud access control & video surveillance integration are right for your business you should take into consideration the following aspects.

  • Do I need to monitor multiple sites?

  • Do I have sensitive data that needs to be monitored 24/7?

  • Is my business a victim of constant onsite threats?

  • Would extra information on onsite activities give me an edge on my business processes, security, or management?

  • Do I have other security measures like biometric access control?

  • Is my business a victim of lost or stolen cards or credentials?

A lot of factors come into play when deciding to implement access control and video surveillance systems. Not every company is the same, that’s why BTI helps businesses to identify and implement the right security measures for your company by recognizing your specific business needs. If you would like to know if video surveillance and access control integration are right for your business, contact us here. You can also call or text us at 562-298-5000 and speak with an expert today!


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