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Axis-Explosion Protected Cameras for the Gas and Oil Industry

Hazardous applications are common in the gas and oil industry. Exposure to high temperatures, potential explosions, and changes in light exposure create a demanding environment for any nonspecialized camera. Thankfully, Axis explosion-protected cameras are designed to put up with challenging scenarios while securing your sites, improving operations, and protecting your workforce.

Gas Industry production plant at night

Features like unparalleled detection and deterrence capabilities help you protect even the most hazardous areas. With Axis cameras’ advanced sensors, your operators can easily monitor and supervise these areas and be notified if anything goes wrong while providing visual verification.

All your footage can be monitored remotely from anywhere, at any time. Here a 4 of the ways that Axis explosion-protected cameras can help your vital human resources and infrastructure.

1. As Tough as it Gets

Axis cameras can act as a supplement to onsite personnel monitoring in risky areas. Axis explosion-protected IP cameras are housed inside heavy duty enclosures that are designed to keep the surface temperature from rising, protecting against potential explosions from surrounding vapors and gases.

2. Clear Images, Always

Axis explosion-protected cameras provide superior high-quality images like every other Axis camera. Axis explosion-protected cameras’ durable build and advanced technology allow you to obtain a clear image despite environmental difficulties like vibrations, bad weather, and poor light conditions.

Axis explosion-protected thermal cameras can also detect people, objects, and incidents in complete darkness or challenging conditions like dust and smoke.

3. Smarter Than Ever

Axis-explosion protected cameras feature incredible analytics to ensure that your operations continue smoothly. With these incredible features, you can do things such as:

  • Determine the level of oil and gas in storage facilities and pipelines to reduce costs of on-site spot checks

  • Monitor flares

  • Visually verify alerts from cameras, other sensors, or your SCADA systems to avoid false alarms

In addition, Axis analytics supports timely repairs and predictive maintenance to ensure that your site is monitored 24/7.

4. Protection for Employees and The Environment

Monitor smoke, leaks, and unsafe temperatures to ensure employee safety. Axis cameras allow you to incorporate apps that increase the functionality of your cameras. These applications include man-down alarms that will notify managers and employees if an employee falls and is unconscious. Other apps like hard-hat detection ensure that everyone is wearing hard hats in working zones and notify managers if someone fails to comply.

Keep track of how many employees are in hazardous areas with Axis people-counter analytics. Integrating your cameras with other apps and solutions can give you access to additional features like:

  • Assessing dangerous activities

  • Calling and tracking rescue teams in emergencies

  • Confirming pick-ups, evacuations & more

BTI: The Best Axis Dealer Near You

At BTI, we have more than 35 years of experience in the fields of communication, IT, and security. Our unmatched support, low prices, and custom-made services are what sets us apart. Our services are designed to help you keep your employees safe and your infrastructure secure.

Do you want to start taking full advantage of our security and IT solutions? Contact us now and schedule a free consultation!


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