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Axis Body Worn Cameras

Axis body-worn cameras are known for being commonly adopted by law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of officers and civilians and keep a record of any activities that may happen during the day. However, nowadays many other industries have found value in the use of wearable surveillance in daily operations. Here are a few of the reasons why!

hd body worn camera by axis communication

Axis Body Camera Features

Axis body-worn cameras are easy to use, reliable, and effective in many applications. The ability to integrate your Axis body-worn camera into a centralized VMS software allows you to improve the security and protection of your footage.

Axis body cameras give you exceedingly sharp images in every frame and clear audio with noise suppression. Their damage-resistant frames and mounts allow users to engage in demanding situations without worrying about any damages or malfunctions. Features like location-tracking help protect both users and devices, in case either the cameras are misplaced in the field or users themselves are unable to be located.

Other Axis Body Camera Features Include:

Fast Recording Start and Stop

Start/stop recording with a simple touch. Axis body cameras buffer up to 120 seconds so you don’t miss any important action.

Stealth Mode

Gain footage discreetly with Axis Stealth Mode. Axis body cams allow you to turn off LED lights and mute sounds to allow for surreptitious recording.

Extended Battery Life

Record throughout the day without any worries. With an Axis body camera you have a total of 15 hours of recording at 1080p per charge.

USB-C Charger

Charge your body camera easily on the go with any USB-C charger.

Axis Zipstream

Axis Zipstream allows you to preserve all your important video footage in the video stream while lowering the bandwidth and storage requirement by 50%. Zipstreams have 3 intelligent algorithms that identify, record, and send all your footage without compromising resolution and frame rate.

Edge Vault

Ensure the safety of your network with Axis Edge Vault. This feature is a secure module that encrypts all your information and device ID to protect both the user and the network.

Infield Management

Axis Body Worn Assistant allows you to access your recordings in the field. Create reports, attach notes, and categorize footage just with your phone. All added information becomes part of the metadata and it’s automatically transferred into your camera.


The Self-Assign Axis body camera feature allows users to utilize any available cameras utilizing an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag. With a swipe of your card, get your camera configured with your specific user information. Once a users stop using a camera, Self-Assign automatically adjusts its settings, allowing different work shifts to share a pool of cameras.

Are Axis Body-Worn Cameras Useful for My Business?

Axis body-worn cameras have proved to be effective in all kinds of business, including:

Utility Companies

Increase overall site security and safety, protocols protect yourself against false claims, investigate incidents, improve training, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance.


Increase positive customer engagement; monitor delivery, pickup, and transactions; study customer interactions, and more!


Ensure greater situational awareness for campus personnel, find flaws in safety and security protocols, prevent incidents from escalating, and aid management.

Private Security

Prevent confrontational events and study security situations to develop better response plans and safety measures.


Create more detailed investigations and documentation, protect patients and personnel, and study caregivers and patient interactions.


Provide protection, assist staff, and meet real-world training needs.

Delivery Services

Protect delivery riders and client orders, track package drop-offs, create training, and more.

Public Transport

Increase customer and staff safety, document interaction, and help de-escalate conflicts.

BTI: Your Axis Body Worn Camera Provider

Now that you know all the benefits of Axis body cams, what are you waiting for? With the right provider, implementing them into your business is an easy process. Here at BTI, we have more than 35 years of experience in IT, security, and communications that your business needs. Contact us now or schedule a free consultation!


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