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Your Gold Partner for Axis Communications Network Camera Sales, Installation, and Support 

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Enhancing Video Surveillance Solutions with Axis Network Cameras 

Axis Communications is a leading provider of network cameras that offer unparalleled performance and flexibility for a wide range of applications. Their advanced analytics capabilities enable high-quality video surveillance solutions that can provide real-time insights to enhance decision-making. 

BTI Communications Group is a gold partner with Axis Certified engineers and technicians able to deliver customized solutions with Axis network cameras at the best cost, ensuring that you receive the highest quality of service possible. 


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Axis Network Cameras for Every Situation 

Each Axis camera comes with a 5-year warranty and support from Axis with firmware updates to enhance device security, to continue to improve camera function. Certain models include remote zoom and focus capabilities as well as edge storage. 

Axis M Series Network Camera

Axis M3115-LVE

1080p HD Forensic WDR IR interior or exterior IP camera.

Best Use: Exterior views of facility, door entrances, dock and loading bays. Commonly used where lighting conditions can vary.

* Replaces Axis M3105-LVE

axis m3608-p.jpg

Axis M3068-P

12MP 360° panoramic interior IP camera.

Best Use: Office and warehouse overviews, monitor lift traffic and employee safety. Provides the best overall coverage of any interior space.

axis m3085-v.jpg

Axis M3085-V

4 MP Forensic WDR IR interior or exterior IP camera.

Best Use: Lobbies, office areas, corridors, warehouse storage, any interior setting.

* Replaces Axis M3045-V

* Replaces Axis M3048-P

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Axis P Series Network Camera

Axis P3265-LVE

1080p Forensic WDR IR interior or exterior IP camera.

Best Use: Parking garage entrances, warehouse fulfillment, packaging zones, loading bays, and warehouse entrances interior and exterior.

axis p3265-lve.jpg

Axis P1455-LE and P1467-LE

1080p HD and 5 MP HD Bullet IP camera with Lightfinder 2.0, forensic WDR, and optimized IR.

Best Use: Perimeter protection, parking lots, employee entrances, exterior loading, and shipping docks.

axis p1467-le.png

* Replaces Axis P1445-LE and Axis P1447-LE

* Replaces Axis P3225-LVE

* Interior Models include P3265-LV and P3265-V

Axis Panoramic Network Camera

axis p3727-ple.jpg

Axis P3727-PLE

Multidirectional 4 x 1080p HD IR camera with 360° coverage and remote zoom and focus.

Best Use: Large parking lots, facility perimeter protection, replacing multiple cameras and providing more views for an efficient surveillance solution.

axis p3719-ple.png

Axis P3719-PLE

15 MP 360° multidirectional camera with 360° IR and remote zoom and focus capabilities.

Best Use: expansive coverage of outdoor areas, road intersections and building perimeter protection.

* Replaces Axis P3707-PE

axis p3818-pve.jpg

Axis P3818-PVE

13 MP multi-lens seamless panoramic HD 180° field of view network camera with no blind spots

Best Use: When a business requires comprehensive video surveillance coverage of its interior or exterior areas while keeping costs to a minimum.

* Replaces Axis P3708-PVE

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615 N 48th St, Suite #1048

Phoenix, AZ 85008
p. 602-733-6807

Specialty Axis Network Camera

Axis Q1786-LE

4 MP Quad HD 1440p at up to 60 fps, 32x optical zoom, optimized IR at up to 262ft range. Included analytics: Fence Guard, Loitering Guard, and Axis Speed Monitor. Additional commonly installed analytics: Axis License Plate Verifier, Axis Audio Perimeter Defender.

Best Use: License plate capturing, roadways and intersections, city traffic, package verification, specialty surveillance or video capture needs.

axis q1789-LE.jpg

* Replaces Axis Q1765-LE

Axis A8105-E

1080p HD network video door station with remote entry control, SIP support and two-way audio.

Best Use: Lobby and visitor entrances, gate access, best when paired with cloud or on-premises access control solutions from BTI.

axis a8105-e.png

Check out Axis Communication camera analytics at work

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615 N 48th St, Suite #1048

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Axis Network Camera Technologies


Axis Lightfinder technology allows cameras to capture high-quality, full color images in extreme low light. Able to discern color in dark environments better than the human eye, Lightfinder provides a forensic advantage.

* Lightfinder 2.0 available on select cameras.


Axis Zipstream technology lowers bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 50% while retaining critical information, such as faces and license plates. This results in efficient and effective video surveillance that saves on storage costs.

Forensic WDR

An image process that fixes under or overexposed images with multiple lighting conditions, resulting in clear and detailed video that is easier to analyze and use for decision-making.

Axis Network Camera Integrations

Axis designs their cameras to be highly compatible with third-party software and hardware, such as video management software, access control systems, and analytics software.

VMS Integrators for Axis Network Cameras

Axis network cameras are robust enough to process video storage, analytics, and management tasks. This allows for seamless integration opportunities with any business security cloud and on-premises video management software.

Top integrations include:

  • Axis Camera Station

  • exacqVision

  • Milestone XProtect®

  • Milestone Kite

  • Arcules

  • Genetec

Access Control Integration

Get video verification with each door access event, set triggers and alerts for invalid attempts or instances where someone has forced a door open.

Top integrations include:

  • Axis Access Control

  • Brivo

  • Openpath

Analytics For Axis Network Cameras

Make better business and operational decisions with Axis network camera analytics.

  • Barcode Reader

  • Face Detector

  • Fence Guard

  • License Plate Verifier

  • Live Privacy Shield

  • Motion Guard

  • Sound Intelligence

  • Object detection and classification

  • 3D People Counter

  • Perimeter Defender

  • Loitering Guard

  • Queue Monitor

  • Speed Monitor

  • Video Motion Detection

Superior Support

Axis Communications offers a 5-year warranty for their network cameras, encoders, and additional business security products. Included are firmware updates, upgrades, and feature improvements. As Axis creates better analytics and smarter technology, they roll back all software improvements to customers with existing compatible cameras at no additional cost!

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Call or text us at one of our offices to speak with one of our security experts!

615 N 48th St, Suite #1048

Phoenix, AZ 85008
p. 602-733-6807

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What Our Clients Say About Our Security Service

BTI consistently solves IT challenges that our staff doesn't have the skill or time for. Their installation team is excellent, and their support always makes sure all of our issues are solved.

Jonathon Huff

The Moody Church

BTI has been exactly what our growing company has needed for so long! They provide friendly, professional service and have consistently been willing to go above and beyond to ensure our complete satisfaction.

Rebecca Gadomski

Edgewood Clinical

The entire team at BTI has exceeded my expectations. They took my company to the technology and security level I needed.

Dave Tourje

Alpha Structural, Inc.

Top BTI Articles on Axis Communication 

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