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What is Call Automation & 5 Key Benefits

Smiling women on a support service call on her smartphone.

Providing an efficient and cost-effective service is pivotal for success. Failing to meet your customers' expectations can have a detrimental impact on your organization. Many organizations are now using technology to improve communication between employees and customers.

A Communication Application Programming (CAP) solution from BTI can be a game-changer for your business. It sits perfectly on top of your current phone system, integrating with all its features and functionalities effortlessly. The result? Seamless integration, causing zero disruption to your existing voice system. It's like getting a high-tech upgrade without the headache of a major overhaul. Now that's what we call smart business!

The technology is designed to be scalable, catering to customer bases of all sizes. This means it can grow and adapt to your business, thereby ensuring your technological capabilities are always in alignment with your business needs.

Keep reading to discover what call automation is and how automated calling systems can enhance your business efficiency while reducing costs.

Table of Contents

What is Call Automation?

Smiling call center agent taking a break.

Call Automation is the process of leveraging technology to automate time-consuming tasks within a business phone system or call center. Adopting CAP platforms (communication automation platforms) allows you to relieve your employees from repetitive tasks while offering improved problem-solving capabilities and more efficient interactions for your customers.

When we talk about automation, we're talking about a game-changer for businesses. It's like having a super-efficient virtual assistant who never takes a coffee break. It can perform routine tasks without human intervention, thus slashing operational costs. But the advantages don't stop there!

How Is Call Automation Software Used?

Call Automation software utilizes tools such as chatbots, interactive voice response systems (IVR), and automated routing systems to handle incoming calls and provide streamlined, more efficient responses allowing your team to save valuable time and resources.

When a call comes in, your automated calling system will use predefined rules and algorithms to determine the proper action to fulfill your client's needs.

For example, imagine your IVR system gives your client the chance to choose from two

options, “Press 1 to talk to sales” and “Press 2 to talk with customer support.” As soon as

your client chooses their option, the system will automatically route the call to the right

department or provide relevant information without the need for human interaction.


Features of Automated Calling Systems

Automated calling systems offer a range of features that automate and streamline customer interactions, making life easier for your staff.

Some features of BTI’s call automation solution include:

  • Appointment Management: Our solution offers features such as appointment scheduling, reminders, rescheduling, and check-ins, simplifying the process of managing meetings and customer appointments.

  • Payment Handling: The system is equipped with phone payment processing and payment/balance notifications, ensuring seamless financial transactions.

  • Customer Interaction: Engage with your customers through calls, texts, and chats. Our document sharing feature allows for easy exchange of relevant material.

  • CRM and Customer Portal Integration: Seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM portal and customer portal, improving data management and customer experience.

  • Delivery and Collection Services: Delivery confirmations and collections outbound contact are facilitated smoothly, promoting an efficient workflow.

  • Self-serve Claim and Payment Management: Customers can manage their own claims and payments, promoting independence and reducing the workload for your staff.

  • Customer Surveys and Personalized Marketing: Conduct outbound customer surveys and send personalized messages to customers using CRM integration, facilitating more targeted and effective marketing.

  • Emergency Services: The system includes an emergency hotline and notifications to ensure quick response in times of need.

5 Benefits of Call Automation Software

Increased Customer Satisfaction

A growing number of individuals favor call automation and self-service options. This shift towards self-reliance is largely driven by the desire for efficiency and convenience, allowing your customers to tackle tasks at their own pace and according to their own schedules. Personalized automation, in turn, offers a tailored customer experience, enhancing satisfaction and engagement.

Call automation allows you to connect your customers to the right agent or get the answer they need faster. If there is no instant solution available, the automated calling system will put your customers in a virtual queue and connect them with the most qualified agent that fits their needs. This results in increased FCR (First Contact Resolution).

According to recent studies, a 1% increase in FCR results in:

  • A reduction in operation costs

  • Increase in customer satisfaction

  • Increased employee satisfaction

  • Increased Net Promoter Score


Improved Response Times

Call automation software offers a game-changing advantage: instant responses to customer inquiries. No more wasted time in never-ending queues. This means that when customers reach out for help, they're dealt with swiftly, reducing wait time.

Call automation ensures calls are directed to the right department/person/answer, the first time around. Now, your customers can effortlessly access the information they seek, resulting in improved response times, increased satisfaction, and increased efficiency.

Call automation equals happier customers and better call center stats!


Happier Agents

Automated calling systems take care of the monotonous calls that agents have to deal with daily. By implementing call automation software to manage calls your agents will have more time to work on more interesting and profitable business tasks while reducing day-to-day stress.

Intelligently routing calls, empowering customers to seek answers to their queries independently, has revolutionized customer service. This allows your workforce to focus on pressing matters, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Among the most effective of these tools are AI-powered chatbots. They efficiently manage routine tasks such as appointment reminders, billing inquiries, and payment processing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also shaping low-code development tools. Its adoption of tools such as drag-and-drop workflows and pre-built templates simplifies the process of building and editing dashboards. Businesses can respond to changes quickly, making real-time tracking of analytics and information a breeze. Therefore, AI facilitates both operational efficiency and business agility.

Call center agent celebrating sales deal.

Cost Savings

Agents that spend too much time on repetitive tasks tend to make mistakes. Each mistake can become a very costly incident. Automated voice systems help your agents avoid costly mistakes and time resulting in reduced operational costs and smoother operations.

Automated voice systems are like a well-oiled machine that keeps your business running smoothly, saving you operational costs. AI is like your very own digital assistant. It can do simple tasks all by itself, like answering customer queries or scheduling appointments.

It can also work alongside your team, helping them get more done in less time. Together, automation and AI are all about making your work life easier and more efficient.

What Features Should Your Next Call Automation Solution Have?

The main goal of automated calling systems is to reduce the workload and increase the efficiency of your call center. To ensure that your solution is at par with this goal make sure that your solution has the following automation capabilities.

Auto Dialer

Auto dialers help your agents save time and resources by dialing phone numbers automatically. If your customer picks up your call, he will connect with an available customer care agent. In case your agents are not free, your customer will hear a prerecorded message.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Interactive voice response leverages technology and AI to create a system that engages with your customers and provides them with the information they need without the need to interact with a live agent.

Modern IVR systems are a must if you wish to achieve call center automation. If you would like to know more about IVR systems, how they work, and their benefits you can take a look at our blog.

Call Routing

Call routing systems are designed to ensure that your customer calls are directed to the right person or department, minimizing hold times and connecting callers to the help they need in no time.

Why Choosing BTI as Your Call Automation Solutions Provider is Your Best Option

BTI has more than 35+ years of experience providing state-of-the-art communication solutions for small businesses and enterprise-level organizations.

A CAP solution from BTI can provide seamless integration, and layering atop your existing phone system without causing any disruption to your current voice infrastructure. This allows you to incorporate new features and functionalities, providing your business with an adaptive edge in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

  • Appointment scheduling, reminders, rescheduling

  • Phone Payment Processing

  • Call, Text, Chat with customers

  • Document Sharing

  • Appointment check-in

  • CRM portal integration

  • Delivery Confirmation

  • Payment/Balance Notifications

  • Collections Outbound Contact

  • Payment processing/bill reminders

  • Self-serve claim/payment management

  • Outbound Customer surveys

  • Personalized Messages/Marketing to Customers (CRM Integration)

  • Customer portal integration

  • Emergency hotline/Notifications

Choosing a call automation solution from BTI is different than choosing your regular provider. Here at BTI, we will ensure that:

  • Your solution integrates perfectly with existing systems without disrupting your infrastructure.

  • Your solution is scalable and ready to meet your future needs.

  • Our solutions reduce your costs.

  • You have access to the best prices on the market.

  • You have 24/7 support from qualified communication experts.

Contact BTI today for a free demo!



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