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Water Utility Enhances Reliability with integrated Technology Upgrades

San Gabriel Valley Water Company (SGVW) is a privately owned full-service water utility that provides services to approximately 94,000 customers in Southern California. The water utility sector is a critical part of the infrastructure of any developed society. To protect this vital service, water utilities rely on various technologies to maintain their infrastructure and keep their customers safe.

SGVW contracts with municipalities to maintain water infrastructure, process payments, and manage wastewater treatment. In order to protect service and rate case data, SGVW has implemented a number of physical security, IT management, and phone system enhancements at its facilities.

To manage the installation and monitoring of these complex systems, SGVW has partnered with BTI Communications Group, a technology convergence provider serving the public utility, logistics, aerospace, and healthcare sectors. BTI acts as a single-source provider of VoIP, network, and physical security systems, down to installing wiring and conduit and cybersecurity monitoring and protection.

This partnership has allowed SGVW to focus on its core mission of providing safe and reliable water service to its customers while BTI manages the technical aspects of the project. As a result of this upgrade, SGVW is now able to provide enhanced customer service and improve its bottom line.

"We utilize all their IT services to help maintain infrastructure and security, including daily monitoring and reporting. It relieves some of the pressure because we do not have to constantly monitor and check ourselves. They streamline the process.” Jeff Johnston, Network System Administrator at SGVW

Even though public utilities can do much of this in-house with a dedicated IT staff, it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. As a cost-effective alternative, an IT integrator and cybersecurity firm like BTI can provide this service on an outsourced basis for pennies on the dollar.

BTI’s approach to water utility cybersecurity involves a combination of physical security, access control, and surveillance systems that are linked together and monitored remotely. This gives water utilities the peace of mind that comes with knowing their operations are fully functional and their data is safe and secure.

BTI’s team of specialists monitors water utility networks around the clock to identify and fix problems before they cause disruptions. In the event of a serious hack, BTI’s team is there to help water utilities recover quickly and get back to business as usual.

BTI’s integrated approach to cybersecurity has helped SGVW improve its bottom line by protecting its customer data and keeping its operations running smoothly.

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