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Should Your Company Outsource IT?

IT service providers deliver technical expertise to small businesses that can’t afford to hire an onsite IT Team. Having an on-hand team of specialized technicians will reduce operational costs significantly. IT MSPs (Managed Service Providers) monitor, manage and update client applications, while IT Infrastructure allows companies to concentrate on more profitable tasks without worrying about security issues. Making this decision depends on what best fits your business. The question is, when should companies consider outsourcing their IT?

Managed IT Services

Onsite IT is getting too expensive

Having an onsite team monitoring a company’s IT systems can be expensive. This is because on-premise IT teams need to worry about software and hardware installation, monitoring, constant updates, purchases, and salaries.

Outdated systems

Technology changes constantly and at an increasingly fast pace. Businesses without enough resources to update their IT systems smoothly and consistently will in turn decrease their overall performance.

System vulnerability against cyber attacks

According to cybersecurityintelligence.com corporate cyberattacks increased 50% last year. Being a victim to these hackers can cause major damage to businesses and even terminate them. An outsourced IT team will protect companies against cyberattacks and security threats 24/7.

Ineffective Business Operations

Spending too much time on managing and monitoring IT Systems can deviate a business’ focus on more profitable goals. Outsourcing IT allows companies to concentrate on primary tasks without worrying about security issues, resulting in more effective business operations.

Having a team of experts working exclusively on IT solutions brings lots of benefits which include:

1. 24/7 Support

Every onsite team can fall victim to sick leave, emergencies, time off, and breaks. Outsourced IT support monitors businesses 24/7. This allows businesses to deal with threats effectively and immediately resulting in an increase in revenue.

2. Increased Capital Funds

Outsourcing IT needs allows businesses to save on cost without compromising quality. This permits business owners to invest available funds in more profitable tasks without neglecting other areas of a company.

3. Flexibility and Adaptability

Off premise IT technicians deal with fluctuating workflows without running into any issues. When business operations grow, business owners have to worry about hiring new staff, learning new technologies, and investing in more hardware and software. Outsourced IT helps companies easily deal with increased and decreased demand without worrying about any extra expenses.

4. Access to the Latest Technology

Keeping up to date with the latest technological gadgets can be expensive. Outsourced IT teams permit companies to access the newest technology without needing installation or training. This will allow these businesses to maintain consistent security measures during the process of any upgrades.

5. Lower Operation Costs

Businesses with onsite support teams will require individual hardware and software purchases, in addition to paying salaries, vacations, and other necessary expenses to function properly. These expenses will increase businesses’ costs which eventually lead to an increase in prices. This can result in a less competitive company. However, a subcontracted IT team allows business owners to enjoy all the benefits of your typical onsite IT teams without worrying about extra costs.

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