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7 Ways OpenPath Access Control Installations Improve Business Security.

Businesses are constantly exposed to multiple physical and cybersecurity threats in today's environment. Many cybersecurity threats occur due to lax physical security, which is why OpenPath access control is an effective solution for safeguarding your business’ physical and digital assets. Here we cover what makes OpenPath access control such an effective security choice for organizations and businesses of all sizes. We also discuss the benefits of OpenPath and the necessity of finding the right, qualified Openpath access control contractor.

Does OpenPath Access Control Fit my business?

OpenPath access control is known for having the capacity to accommodate both small and large organizations. The flexibility provided by OpenPath access control allows businesses such as transportation and logistics companies, educational institutions, churches, and even healthcare institutions, to enjoy the benefits of high- end access control system.

7 Benefits of Implementing OpenPath Access Control.

open path access control setup

1. Secure From Start to Finish

Your information is encrypted in card readers so there is no need to worry about data breaches. OpenPath access control will continue working in the case of power outages and internet failure while remaining protected against practices like tampering.

2. Easy Escalation

With OpenPath access control, you can scale or reduce your entry points with no complications. All-access points are secured from single doors to multiple entry sites using the same system. OpenPath access control is a great option for both enterprises and small businesses. Its 4-door, 8-door, and elevator control board are perfect for bigger businesses and school campuses that need a customized and flexible configuration. On the other hand, its single-door controller is perfect for smaller businesses.

3. Cloud-Based Management

Thanks to its cloud-based nature, the OpenPath access control system allows businesses to have increased flexibility. It also has a fully remote management platform that allows its users to manage multiple locations from anywhere at any time. The open architecture of this system permits users to experiment with full integration while eliminating the need of having an onsite server.

4. Real-Time Monitoring

Customers who acquire OpenPath access control are experiencing an increase in their ROI thanks to its deep learning and data insight capabilities. OpenPath access control allows you to easily search, filter, and export data-driven reports. In turn, this will allow your business to perform routine audits, and make smarter business decisions that will result in an increase in revenue and a decrease in costs.

5. Built-in Occupancy Tracking

With OpenPath access control, your business gains access to valuable insights into space utilization that may reduce costs and maximize efficiency. It will also allow you to detect how many people are inside a given zone, manage onsite worker flow, and more.

6. Flexible Access Methods

OpenPath access control is focused on delivering a secure but comfortable experience to its clients. In addition to its market-leading mobile credentials, OpenPath access control gives clients the ability to gain entry through multiple gadgets such as Apple Watches, Biometric Access, Cloud Keys, Encrypted Cards, MIFARE RFID cards, and Temporary Credentials.

7. Lockdown Capabilities

Activating system lockdowns remotely with OpenPath access control lockdown feature can customize emergency responses so that it can adapt to different situations and ensure everyone’s safety in the company.

Now that you know some of the benefits of implementing access control features into your business’ security system, what are you waiting for? Finding the right OpenPath access control installation company is essential, as initial flaws in your system can undermine the system’s security.

At BTI, we have more than 35 years of experience in IT, security, and communications. Don’t risk your business or organization’s safety with the cut-rate quality of an inexperienced OpenPath access control contractor

Contact us today and learn about the extensive, quality technology and security solutions BTI can offer you. A free consultation is just a click away.


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