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Save Your Business Time and Money Using Hosted VoIP Solutions

There are multiple ways and strategies to save time and money in your business. Choosing the correct phone system for your business is one of them. VoIP phones have been around for a while, and VoIP technology has constantly been improved. The VoIP industry has now reached a point where VoIP phone systems are more reliable and offer more features than traditional phone systems.

Cloud Based Phone System with mobile applications.

A Hosted Cloud-Based VoIP (VoIP) solution is an internet-based phone system hosted in the cloud, reducing the amount of equipment your business needs to manage and maintain. VoIP uses your existing internet connection to make and receive calls, so you can ditch your old phone lines and use VoIP to save money on your business’s monthly phone bill.

There are many VoIP features that can save you time and money, like:

Installation Cost:

With the option to use softphones for remote employees or desk phones for office-based employees, hosted VoIP has a lower installation cost than a traditional phone system because all you need is a phone and internet.


VoIP phone systems are also more flexible than traditional phone systems and can be easily scaled up or down to meet the changing needs of a business. This expandability ensures that you only pay for the features and capacity that you need, making VoIP an extremely cost-effective solution for businesses.


Another advantage of VoIP systems is that they are much easier to manage than traditional phone systems. VoIP systems can be managed remotely, which means that you don't need to have on-site IT staff to maintain the system. This can further reduce your costs and help you to save time.

Improved Security: 

VoIP systems are also more secure than traditional phone systems since VoIP uses the internet rather than the public switched telephone network (PSTN). VoIP calls are encrypted, making it difficult for hackers to intercept and eavesdrop on VoIP calls. This increased security can save your business time and money by protecting your confidential information.

Feature Rich:

Compared with PBX phones, IP phones have all the extra features at no additional cost. Features like auto attendance, advanced call routing, voicemail-to-email, mobile applications, dynamic workstations, business SMS & MMS, API customizations and integration options, and many more. Besides making your company look more professional, these features will save your company time and money.

If you are looking for a phone system that will save you time and money, then BTI has the perfect solution for you. Learn more about our VoIP business phone and telecommunications services today. If you want to see what our telecommunications services can do for you, please schedule a free consultation or contact us with any questions you might have.


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