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7 Reasons to Finance your Budget with BTI

Financing is an excellent tool that many business owners have used throughout the years. Most of the time people ask for financing from banks, but there are other ways to finance that you may not be aware of. Vendor financing is an alternative to traditional financing and it can offer multiple benefits for business owners who are looking to grow their businesses.

maximize profits

Financing the Entire Security Solution

Vendor financing allows you to finance your entire security solution in locked monthly payments. This means that your payments won’t increase due to inflation or other external problems caused by using traditional credit systems. This allows you to plan and have a more precise budget throughout the year.

Conserve Cash

When done correctly financing solutions open a new set of opportunities for your organization. If you know how much you need to pay monthly, you can use the remaining money to invest in other business activities.

Maximize ROI

Financing your equipment allows you to operate smoothly while also increasing revenue. Having new and improved a-class equipment allows for smooth business operations and procedures.

Stay ahead of Competition

Whether we like it or not, technology is a depreciating asset. The constant need to improve and develop these technologies makes the camera that you bought yesterday less valuable today. Vendor financing allows organizations to have the newest technology in the market at the most accessible prices. It also offers significant discounts for bundle support, allowing you to pay 25% less to save on maintenance!

Benefit from Bundling

Bundling your equipment comes with tons of benefits as well. Being able to manage all your solutions in a single place allows you to save time, money, and reduces your expenses. With BTI you can bundle the following,

  • Equipment

  • Labor

  • Hardware

  • Software

  • Technological Support

Win the Fight Against Inflation

When you finance your products with BTI your monthly rates are locked. This means that your monthly rates stay the same even if external circumstances affect the economy! With BTI your costs stay the same, always.

Customize Terms.

At BTI we care for you and your company, that’s why we also have customized payment plans. This means you can find a financial solution without any complications. We offer competitive financing rates so you can match your cash flow and have peace of mind while doing so.

We have more than 35 years of experience in the field of IT, security, and communications! If you need help budgeting, bundling, or finding ways to reduce your costs while getting the most out of your security solutions, contact us now or schedule a free consultation!



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