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Proactive IT Management and Support

IT departments should look for a proactive monitoring and consultative approach. In this

model, their IT systems vendor actively monitors system performance to identify anomalies even before a malfunction occurs. Problems are addressed proactively, often without the customer even knowing about it. When site visits are required, the monitoring system dispatches an engineer without interrupting the customer. The IT vendor should also be capable of providing necessary consultative expertise as needed.

“Our 24-hour monitoring system sends me alarms by email, text, and phone,” said Charles Lomboy, Director of Physical Plant Management at Los Angeles-based AltaMed, a 46-site health clinic network that serves nearly 1 million patient visits annually. “I am always in the know whether I am at work or remote, and I only have to deal with one vendor.” The company uses BTI networks for CCTV, access control, and burglar alarms.

“It works as a security partnership,” said Lomboy. “They are the experts on security coverage, but they also listen to our needs based on what we know to be our healthcare workflow and security vulnerabilities. We require expert on-demand support to manage a large network of clinics. Our experience has been that BTI will go out of their way to take care of us.”

“We trust them as the subject matter experts on security,” adds Lomboy. “They surveyed our offices and recommended the areas that needed improved security. They also listened and responded to our needs as they relate to patient rooms, medication cabinets, entrances and exits, etc.


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