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What is Milestone VMS Software & How is it Applied in CCTV Security?

Learning about the world of business security can be a fun but overwhelming task. Vendors flood you with information on all kinds of solutions, making it difficult for you to know what you really need. Thankfully, one of the best investments that can be made is also one of the simplest. A CCTV system is a great way to protect your business assets, and the Milestone Video Management Software is one of the best software options to support your security cameras’ essential functions.

What is Milestone Video Software?

Let’s start with the basics. A VMS or Video Management Software is a program that allows you to capture, record, view, share, and store the footage from your video surveillance cameras. Think of it as the brain of your video cameras. Without it, your cameras wouldn’t be able to function.

How Does Milestone Video Software Work?

Milestone software works the same way as any other video management software. The function of this software is to consolidate the different tools of your VMS into one single solution. Specifically, the software oversees the collection of video footage and stores it in a data unit that can be cloud-based or on-site.

When you need to review your camera footage, the VMS provides its users with an interface to review and retrieve live or previously recorded footage. Every VMS has different capabilities, but Milestone Software has been at the top of the market for 20+ years. This is because Milestone video software is scalable. Milestone software is built for the future. If your business is booming and you suddenly need to increase the number of video cameras in your workplace, or your expansion requires you to build a second business location, this software allows you to easily add or remove cameras with zero complications.

Milestone software has many capabilities such as:

  • Pay-per-device licenses, enabling you to pay for licenses and devices as need Multiple server support, so that different servers work cohesively so you can easily scale your video surveillance system.

  • Milestone Interconnect, which establishes a relationship with Milestone Software so that you can manage multiple sites from one platform.

Milestone Software is Customizable

Milestone software is aware that every business has different needs. That’s why

Milestone software is designed as an open platform that allows you to:

  • Support more than 8,500 cameras and devices from different brands

  • Add extra value to your hardware, services, and applications with Milestone Marketplace.

  • Build your system according to your specific business needs.

Milestone software is flexible, it allows you to accommodate the software to your business-specific needs, whether you are a world-class company or a small business. You can have access to Milestone video software on your phone or your computer without compromising the safety of your environment. Whether you are on-site or on the go, you can always rely on Milestone video software.

Milestone Software is User Friendly

Milestone software allows user interface operators to easily control any situation without the need to spend hundreds of hours on training. Milestone video software interface can:

  • Be customized to each individual based on responsibility and security levels.

  • Give users interactive maps that provide individuals with a complete view of operations.

  • Create the ability to search for specific events, bookmarks, motion, alarms, and sequences, all in the same place.

Milestone Software is Secure,

Milestone software was designed to keep 3 key principles in mind: secure design, secure by default, and secure deployment. Milestone video software has everything your business needs to stay safe against all kinds of internal and external threats.

Milestone Software has unique features that will provide your business with increased security such as:

  • Secure System Access, which allows control of the authorizations of each user, sets boundaries, accepts or denies access, and effectively controls all Milestone video software in one spot.

  • Encryption, which protects all users by utilizing encryption in management and recording servers.

BTI: Your Milestone Video Dealer and Installation Company

Now that you know the benefits of acquiring Milestone video software what are you waiting for? With more than 35 years of experience in the field of security, IT, and communications, BTI is the right company to assist you with all your security needs! We have an incredible range of products for your business, and we are a certified Milestone video software dealer and installation company! Contact us now to schedule a free assessment!



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