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Merging IT with Physical Security Systems

Traditionally, security cameras and access control systems were installed as independent systems by security integrators – even in the early days of IP-based devices. However, the continuing advancement of IP-based technology as well as the inherent cybersecurity vulnerabilities of physical security systems now place that task squarely at the feet of technology integrators with an extensive knowledge and background in IT.

Entrusting this task to a technology integrator like BTI Communications Group, with their extensive knowledge of available products and how they can be interconnected, can have tremendous added value.

The benefits of an integrated access control system with the IT network, including the HR database, also has advantages when coordinating changes in employee status. If an employee is terminated, for example, the system automatically deactivates the employee’s keycard. If that same employee has remote access to the security cameras, the network can disable the account immediately.

For Los Angeles-based AltaMed, a 46-site health clinic network that serves nearly a million patient visits annually, managing the access control cards for employees required four full-time employees in 2016. With so many sites, there could be 100 new hires and 25 people leaving the company or being reassigned in a single week.

However, the existing system was not fully integrated, which soon drew the attention of the CIO, Facilities Manager, Safety Coordinator and VP of Administration.

The CIO reviewed the system and realized that the company-wide database did not

communicate with any of the physical security systems that were installed. Additionally, four people to manage the access cards seemed excessive.

After submitting a proposal, BTI was ultimately selected to install and manage the CCTV, access control and burglar alarms for all 46 sites. Today, AltaMed is still growing rapidly, but does not require anyone in the organization to manage any of the physical security.


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