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Full Guide on In-Building Wireless Solutions

Have you ever been on an important call and suddenly the call drops, or the quality deteriorates even though you are in an area with a good signal is supposed to be available?

Most of us would walk around until we found a better signal. Some might even call the cellular carrier’s customer service to let them know how you feel about their horrible service. But what if I told you that this probably isn’t your carrier's fault?

Weak in-building cellular coverage is a common problem that affects thousands of organizations on a daily bases. But there is an easy way to fix bad cellular signal once and for all? Keep reading!

Wilson Pro Enteprise 1300 mounted on a wall.

What Is an In-Building Wireless Solution?

In-building wireless solutions or distributed antenna systems (also known as DAS or cellular DAS) are telecommunication solutions that allow you to enhance and distribute wireless coverage on-site.

Most in-building wireless systems are professionally designed, engineered, modified, and installed to the precise specifications of a building using a network of antennas, cables, and amplifiers to bring enhanced cellular connectivity to isolated spots or bad coverage areas.

When it comes to safety, security, and productivity, a good cellular signal matters to everyone. Tenants, customers, employees, and visitors alike, expect constant access to their smartphones, tablets, and other cellular-connected devices throughout a building at all times.

Without an in-building wireless solution, you're likely to face dropped calls and disruptions despite your carrier or device.

How Does In-building Wireless Solutions Work?

Cellular DAS solutions take the nearest signal and distribute it throughout the whole site using antennas that feed a central processing unit to provide reliable in-building cellular coverage to everyone inside your premises without the need to upgrade your existing service or phone.

Since our cellular das solutions are carrier agnostic there's no need to switch providers.

Benefits of In-Building Wireless Solutions

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customers expect to have reliable cellular signals everywhere they go. If your business offers clients a reliable, steady network, they will most likely spend more time with you. Especially if your organization is in a rural area where good cell coverage is hard to find.

Distributed antenna systems will allow you to provide reliable cellular signals in both rural and urbanized areas allowing you to find reliable coverage at all times.

Increased Productivity

Slow cellular networks have a negative impact on your team’s productivity and satisfaction. Distributed antenna systems will provide your associates with a high-speed cellular network so your business can improve its communications and boost productivity.

Increased Property Value

Investing in in-building wireless solutions that fulfill your current and future network demands could increase the value of your property for future buyers.

Future Proof

As 5G takes over and signal frequency gets higher, lower-grade cellular signals will only get worse. Having a distributed antenna system on-site will ensure your organization is future-proof and ready for everything that may come!

How Do I Know If I Need an In-Building Wireless Solution?

  1. Do I have problems with dropped calls, slow connection, poor audio quality, and so on?

  2. When I move to a different area inside my premises does this problem go away?

  3. Is my cellular data speed faster when I’m outside of my building?

If your answer was yes, a distributed antenna system is for you.

BTI, The In-Building Wireless Solution Provider Near Me

BTI has more than 35 years of experience in the fields of business communication, IT, and physical security. With us, you will have access to leading-edge communications, security, and IT technology at the lowest price!

Our customized approach allows us to deliver the solution that meets your specific needs and budget! Are you ready to take your business communication to the next level? Contact us today and schedule a free business consultation!


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