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Historic Moody Church Upgrades Technology to Better Meet Congregants’ Needs

The Moody Church, a historic nondenominational Christian church in Chicago, Illinois, has upgraded its technology infrastructure with the help of trusted experts at BTI Communications Group. The new technology infrastructure includes phone system upgrades, IP video surveillance, and access control systems that will help the church better meet the needs of its congregants. BTI’s team of experts worked closely with the church to ensure that the new systems were seamlessly integrated into the church’s existing infrastructure.

“Our sanctuary still retains many historic features including seating, chandeliers, and beautiful stained-glass windows,” says Kent Schmidt, The Moody Church’s Director of Finance and Administration. The Sanctuary was modeled in part after the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

The church has a long history of using cutting-edge technology, despite the challenges that such implementations can present with a historic building. Today, these historic houses of worship find it necessary to keep up with technology to better serve their congregations and communities while enhancing security. Given the challenge, many churches outsource these aspects to technology integrators that are experts when implementing physical security solutions.

When it came to the church's physical security, Schmidt looked to BTI Communications Group, a technology integrator with whom the church has a long history. To secure their century-old building, BTI recommended high-definition Axis Communications dome cameras and Milestone video management software.

According to Schmidt, the company's proposal included a variety of cameras that would best suit the various demands throughout the facility. This entailed low-profile and unobtrusive cameras in interior areas and cameras with the ability to clearly capture images in low light situations. Cameras were needed at entrances and windows that offered a wide dynamic range, which compensates for difficult lighting circumstances by brightening dark regions without washing out well-lit regions in the picture.

IP video surveillance was not only important for physical security but also for safety reasons. The church wanted to be able to have a full record of any incidents that may occur, as well as have the ability to share those recordings with law enforcement if necessary.

“We work with [BTI] as a one-stop shop, knowing that we are receiving high-quality solutions,” says Schmidt.

He adds, “With fewer vendors, we don’t need to explain everything with each proposal. They are already familiar with our building as well as with our architectural, aesthetic, and installation requirements."

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