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Kantech Entrapass Software Guide: Which Edition is Best for Business

Kantech is one of the best access control products in the market. It should come as no surprise that their software, Kantech Entrapass, is known for all the right reasons. This includes reliability, security, and scalability–which are just some of the amazing features this software has to offer. But choosing the right Kantech software may be difficult, which is why we built this Entrapass software guide specialized for businesses. Discover which Entrapass edition fits your business best!

BTI Kantech Product Review

The Benefits of the Kantech Corporate Edition

Kantech Entrapass Corporate Edition is the most balanced, powerful, and affordable option among Kantech’s product lines. It offers numerous programs and benefits for businesses of all sizes.

Kantech Advantage Program

Kantech Entrapass Corporate Edition gives you access to the Kantech Advantage Program. This is a token-based program that delivers various tools and features to enhance your software. Enhancing video vaults, redundant servers, and wireless locks are amenities included with this program, offering your business a more customizable and secure experience.

Remote Access

Kantech Entrapass Corporate Edition gives you remote access capabilities so you can access your system anywhere at any time. Use your phone, tablet, or computer to gain access and monitor 20+ features including card creation, locking and unlocking doors, arm and disarm alarms, live video footage viewing, video playback, reports, and more!

Alarm Panel Integration

Kantech Entrapass Corporate Edition allows for an integrated alarm, video surveillance, and access control system. These are all merged into one platform for greater control and simplicity. Integration kits connect a DSC Power Series, Power Series Neo, Power Series Pro, or MXSYS intrusion alarm panel into your access control system. These integrations will boost the security of your business while maximizing the information obtained for smarter decision-making.

Stonelock Biometric Readers

Stonelock biometric readers are directly built-in for faceless recognition technology, so there’s no need to take photographs for privacy protection! Stonelock also unites access control and its own notifications to deliver you in-depth reports on personnel who have access to your facility.

ASSA ABLOY Lock Integration

ASSA ABLOY Aperio wireless locks and can be managed directly through the Entrapass App which provides personal control over your security system and even door activity visibility.

Audit Trail

An audit trail allows you to keep track of what changes were made inside Kantech Entrapass Corporate Edition software and its components. These reports include information such as menu changes, the number of fields changed, values before and after the change, data type, etc.

Redundant Server Gateway

A redundant server protects the Entrapass database from unexpected failures. In the case of server failure or malfunction, this server will support all your operations, allowing you to maintain functionality and proceed without any issues.

Microsoft Active Directory Integration

Integrating your Microsoft Active Directory with Entrapass Corporate Edition Software eliminates the hassle of creating and manually updating your Entrapass database. In addition, operators can access their workstations via their Windows credentials.

The Benefits of the Kantech Entrapass Global Edition

Kantech Entrapass Global Edition offers similar capabilities that Entrapass Corporate Edition software does but has some added features and benefits.

Enterprise Level Network

Accommodating a wide variety of applications, Kantech Global Edition permits an unlimited number of users, control over thousands of doors, and a total of 128 workspaces to connect to the network.

Enterprise Controllers

You can control features like alarm systems, Global/IO, guard tours, and secondary access levels, making Kantech Entrapass Global Edition easy to manage, reliable, and expandable.

Global Security Features

  • These features are ideal for those that require the highest levels of security in the market. Benefits include:

  • Global Anti-passback: Prevents card holders from handing over specialized credentials to a third-party person.

  • Alarm Partitioning: Allows managers to divide an area protected by Entrapass Global Edition into as many as 100 fractions for maximum control and security.

  • Global Clearance Control: When paired with KTN-CC, controls clearance globally.

  • Mustering Reports: Creates mustering reports to identify who comes in and out of the building in emergency situations.

  • KT-NCC controller integration: Expands the capabilities of your Kantech Entrapass Global Edition. Instead of managing a PC for communication between software and servers, the KT-NCC controller allows you to manage emergencies, maintain fewer computers, and upgrade fewer operating systems all in the same place.

BTI: Your Kantech Installer and Support Specialist

At BTI, we have more than 35 years of experience in the field of IT, security, and communications. Don’t cost your business’ well-being with inexperienced or unapproved Kantech contractors.

Do you have any questions? Contact us now to schedule a free business assessment.



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