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Detecting and Deterring Thieves Outside Your Property

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to perimeter security for commercial property. An integrated solution that has been properly designed and installed can dramatically reduce the cost and boost the effectiveness of physical guard services and even eliminate the need for on-site guards completely. Technology including appropriate fencing, gate and door access control, video surveillance, and other detection devices form layers of protection that can be customized for any property. Following are a few of the technologies commonly used today.

BTI provides security surveillance systems

Video Surveillance Systems

Video cameras today can detect and differentiate between types of objects and locations. When integrated with strategically placed sensors, these systems can automatically alert you to unusual activity and track a target. You may be able to respond effectively with fewer guards or no guards on-site with this type of technology. Of course, after the fact, the video can be used for forensic purposes in an investigation which itself is also a deterrent to thieves and vagrants.

Advanced Intrusion Detection Devices:

Equipment like the Axis D2110-VE Security Radar is being used to track the location of people or objects within a perimeter. These devices can capture and classify an object’s location, determine how fast a person or object is moving, and in which direction without false alerts. They operate 24/7 without being affected by weather or light conditions that might otherwise trigger motion sensors in cameras or basic intrusion devices. These devices also integrate with visible light camera software adding an additional layer of alerts and accuracy in real-time surveillance.

Thermal Cameras

Traditional cameras operate best when a property is well illuminated during the night and their effectiveness drops when low or poor lighting conditions are present. Additionally, weather can play an important factor in the functionality of traditional video cameras. That’s why in large areas, it’s very helpful to use strategically placed thermal cameras. Thermal cameras are excellent for capturing images in extreme weather conditions because they can detect intruders even when it's snowing or raining. The addition of analytics allows these types of cameras to distinguish between different intrusion targets and identify them based on direction, speed, etc., which is great if you want a system that will notify staff automatically.

Speakers and Microphones

An integrated speaker system will allow you to alert intruders when your system detects them without human intervention. Playing an automated response in the area where the

intrusion is being detected can cause intruders to flee right away. If they don’t the situation can be escalated to remote or on-site guards who can then carry on a conversation. Car dealers have been using these systems with some success for years.

Integrated Solutions

Unfortunately, crime, vagrancy, homelessness, and drug addiction are increasing, not decreasing. For commercial property owners and their employees, this creates a risk that must be managed. Guards also introduce risk and expense which must be managed.

By using a multi-technology integrated approach, you can best meet your needs and budget.

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