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How to Combat Phishing Attacks

Avoid e-mail scams with BTI solutions in Arizona, Illinois, and California.

Hackers are primarily looking for ways into your company's systems, and the employees who work there may not even realize they're doing it. They'll likely make mistakes that give hackers exactly what they want--access to valuable information about customers or clients with whom you share data.

What’s the best way to combat this? Develop security policies designed to protect your data. Most companies have a dress code or handbook that discusses workplace behavior and expectations. The same should be done for data handling.

Introduce cybersecurity training and policies for handling and sharing data. Provide them with examples of what a phishing e-mail can look like and the many ways hackers can try to infiltrate. The human element is the weakest link in any network.

We currently provide free a free dark web scan of your company to check for credentials that may have already been hacked!

This service may not be free for long, take advantage now. The worst thing you can do is nothing!


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