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Picking BTI as Your VOIP Vendor Cuts Costs and Maximizes Business Income

Looking for ways to cut costs, drive additional sales, improve marketing returns, and increase customer retention? VOIP and Unified Communications (UC) solutions customized for your needs from BTI should be first on your to-do list. A UC system combines essential communication system elements to streamline your customer experience and maximize your administrative productivity. A great solution, customized and implemented by a competent vendor like BTI is a surefire way to reduce telecom and labor cost, maximize sales, and improve your customer ratings.

BTI Communications Group helps others to reduce cost and increase ROI with VoIP systems.

BTI’s goal is to minimize upfront and recurring costs without sacrificing quality. For 36 years, the artisans and technologists at BTI have made this their purpose. Our services include assistance with standard system and user setup, network and internet performance and redundancy, emergency call routing, directory listings, and toll-free numbers. These are in addition to the over 100 standard features that are commonly available to BTI customers.

These include:

  • Dashboard reporting of inbound, and outbound calls and lead sources including calls answered, transferred, and unanswered for real-time decision-making.

  • Optimized automated attendant trees to route incoming calls effectively by each department.

  • CRM integration to increase sales, service speed, effectiveness, and reporting.

  • Call and screen recording for quality control and order verification.

  • Text message and web chat integration for customer support, scheduling, and sales.

  • Unified messaging (voice mail to email with transcription).

  • Work from anywhere solutions and apps including support for the full home worker technology stack.

  • Custom scripts to automate recurring workflows.

BTI is committed to helping clients achieve the ideal outcome for their businesses, no matter how simple or complex their needs may be. In our view, every business, large and small deserves access to on-demand experts as part of their service plan. For more information on how BTI Communications Group can help you drive productivity, improve customer service, and enhance sales and marketing performance, schedule your free discovery call today.


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