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What is CheKt Visual Alarm Monitoring?

Having visual footage when a security event occurs can make the difference between successful mitigation and disaster. Visual alarm monitoring will allow you to gain valuable security insights, uncover security weak points, reduce false alarms, save resources & more. Here’s how!

How Does CheKt Visual Alarm Monitoring Work?

CheKt’s Visual Alarm combines security, access control, video analytics, and video surveillance systems, creating an all-inclusive alarm system. When a suspicious event occurs, an alert is sent to your security operations center so your team can investigate the compromised location immediately.

What’s The Difference Between CheKt and Traditional Alarm Monitoring?

Traditional options use detection devices located on your premises to create a designed security zone. When a sensor detects movement or any other suspicious event, an alarm notifies your security center.

CheKt visual alarm monitoring combines your designed alarm zones with your video surveillance systems. This gives the alarm monitoring agent instant access to live footage, audio broadcast, and control of your designated safe zone.

The Problem with Traditional Alarm Alarm Monitoring

Since 90% of the alarms are false alarms, businesses often spend significant resources determining whether or not a threat is legitimate. False alarms, that require management investigation, can be a waste of those workers’ labor. And false alarms that automatically alert law enforcement can lead businesses to be subject to significant fines.

Traditional alarm monitoring simply doesn’t possess the ability to properly distinguish false alarms from legitimate threats. That’s why visual alarm monitoring can play a valuable role in business security measures.

With visual alarm monitoring, your team can quickly determine whether a threat is real directly from their operations center, without having to resort to more costly and labor-intensive security responses.

What About Remote Video Monitoring?

Remote live video monitoring depends on employees reviewing hundreds of hours of video footage and paying close attention to every detail onscreen. After several hours of reviewing footage, employees can become numb to environmental conditions and have difficulty identifying critical incidents.

CheKt Visual Alarm Monitoring Will Save You Money and Resources

CheKt visual alarm monitoring is event triggered, meaning that cameras only work when the alarm detects a critical event. CheKt visual alarm combines the accuracy of your designated zones with your on-site alarm system and video analytics. With CheKt, employees can customize the alarm to alert other agents to specific situations and events.

These amazing features allow you to significantly reduce the costs associated with maintaining and managing a 24/7 video surveillance system.

BTI: Your Trusted CheKt Visual Alarm Provider

Here at BTI, we have more than 3 decades of experience in the field of IT, security, and communications. We have the necessary expertise to bring your business cybersecurity and physical security measures to the next level.

Contact us today to schedule your free business assessment and take your physical security to the next level!


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