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Can Door Entry Systems & Video Surveillance Solutions Replace Security Guard Services?

The answer to this question is that it depends on the environment and the purpose of the guard service in the first place.

By opting for remote alarm monitoring or remote video guarding instead of onsite guarding, not only can you expect an instantaneous return on investment, but also an uptick in the quality and reliability of your security service.

When Can Access Control and Video Surveillance Solutions Can Replace The Need for Security Guard Services?

An optimal setting for replacing onsite guards involves enclosing the monitored area with a fence or wall. This significantly enhances camera efficiency by eliminating the need for cameras to distinguish between friend or foe. Instead, access control credentials can be issued to employees and guests to ensure authorized entry into a secured zone.

With this setup, you can enjoy top-notch remote alarm monitoring and video guarding of your property, doors, and gates. Not only does it offer exceptional security, but it also yields savings of over 90% in comparison to on-site guards.

Today’s camera and sensor technology is able to cover large areas with excellent differentiation between objects, people, vehicles, and animals. Wireless Internet and cellular data services allow cameras to be installed in remote locations to capture details such as license plates, faces, and forensic details with minimal infrastructure.

Striking a balance between security guard services and physical security solutions allows you to increase quality of coverage and productivity while also reducing the number and cost of guards onsite.

Avigilon Dome Video Surveillance Camera mounted  on a wall.

Using Door Entry Systems & Video Surveillance To Reduce Security Guards

If you feel like your security guards are underutilized and too costly, you are not alone. Many clients have brought these concerns to us asking for technology solutions to improve security, operational control, and cost all at once.

Instead of relying solely on security guards, your facility can use camera and access control technology to supplement your security measures, resulting in reduced expenses and increased productivity. This can lead to very large savings in guard service expenses while improving the security measures in the area.

Man monitoring his video surveillance solution through his laptop and phone.

Why Managed Services Are A Must When Replacing Security Guard Services

When considering the replacement of security guards with technology-driven solutions, the importance of managed services cannot be overstated.

Managed services offer a comprehensive approach to security, encompassing not only the implementation and maintenance of advanced security systems but also the crucial oversight and management required for optimal performance all the time.

As your trusted managed services provider we can ensure a seamless transition from human security guards to automated solutions. Through continuous surveillance, remote management, and proactive maintenance, BTI will ensure that your access control and video surveillance systems operate at peak efficiency while minimizing downtime, maximizing security coverage, and preventing unexpected failures.

BTI Technician installing Axis Security camera

BTI, The Managed Security Solutions Provider Near Me

Here at BTI, we have more than 35 years of experience in the fields of, physical security, IT, and communications.

Our first and primary goal is to deliver the foremost level of technical quality that can be delivered reliably for your available budget. In addition, we can design, implement, and maintain robust security systems tailored to your specific needs and budget, while providing ongoing monitoring and support at below-market rates.

Contact us to start reducing your costs and enhancing your security measures today!


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