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Campus Security for Disaster Prevention

School campuses should be a safe place for academics, students, and visitors. Unfortunately, it’s no secret that schools across America have been experiencing violent altercations. Even though security is supposed to be a top priority, the

emergency response plans and protocols are not being supported by the right tools.

Maintaining security on school campuses is not an easy task, that’s why we are here to provide tools like access control, video surveillance, lockdown, and panic buttons so that management staff can easily maintain campus security.

Access Control

Schools can create a safe space for their students and staff by using access control. The system will keep track of who enters the building and when they did enter as well as any threats outside before law enforcement arrives on the scene which is great protection against those trying to get into your school.

Video Surveillance

Security cameras give visual insight into any situation that might occur on campus. Video surveillance deters school crime, encourages professional behavior from both teachers and students, and allows campus security to identify weak points in security protocols and training. Recent studies show that implementing video surveillance systems on campus reduces bullying incidents by almost 70%.

Security Integration

The integration of security systems into one platform will make it easier to track campus safety. Video surveillance footage can be used for implementing better precautions, and access control measures allow us to control only authorized personnel to be allowed on campus.

When Access Control and Video Surveillance work together campuses can experience the following benefits:

Increased Efficiency and Security

Access control and video surveillance increase campus security by monitoring and protecting students and teachers against all kinds of threats as well as helping management identify threats to develop better security policies and practices.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring allows the school administration to see what is happening inside the facility to boost security, mitigate, and identify problems before they even happen.

Remote Management

Access control and video surveillance can be managed remotely to ensure school grounds are safe even after class hours.

Secure facilities 24/7

Both systems work 24/7 to keep the facilities protected from threats like burglary, natural disasters, and trespassing.

BTI Communications Group takes safety seriously and our expert technicians are waiting to answer your questions or concerns. Contact us or you can call or text us at 562-298-5000 to learn more about school security and safety solutions.


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