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Why use BTI’s Endpoint Detection & Response Solutions?

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Are you looking for an efficient way to ensure your business remains protected and working optimally 24/7/365? If so, take a look at BTI’s Endpoint Detection & Response cybersecurity solutions (EDR). This amazing network security solution allows businesses of all sizes to be at the forefront of cyber protection.

In this blog post, we'll explore the features and benefits of BTI’s Endpoint Detection & Response. Do you want to learn more? Keep reading!

What Is EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response)?

EDR is the process of real-time continuous monitoring of end-user devices (such as computers, mobile devices, and servers) to prevent, detect, and respond to potential threats. But what makes BTI’s endpoint security solution the best way to ensure your business stays protected?

EDR Security vs Antivirus: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to endpoint security, many people are unsure of the difference between antivirus and EDR software. Both solutions have been created with the same goal in mind: protecting devices from harm. But several key distinctions make them different from one another.

  1. Antivirus (AV) security’s main objective is to detect and block, while EDR solutions detect, mitigate, and respond to malware and ransomware.

  2. AV uses signature detection methods to compare files on your device to a known set of malware signatures. EDR security uses advanced methods such as AI, behavioral analytics, and machine learning to detect and mitigate threats.

  3. Antivirus may detect a threat and quarantine it, but with the added power of Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), you can take advanced actions like rolling back malicious changes or carrying out forensic analysis.

  4. Antivirus software focuses on keeping your devices safe from malicious programs, while EDR security takes it a step further by safeguarding both the endpoint device and the network it’s linked to against any type of known or unknown threat.

4 Features of BTI’s Endpoint Detection & Response

1. Endpoint Protection

An endpoint is any physical device that can connect and exchange information with a computer network. A few examples include a smartphone, computer, or server. BTI’s EDR solutions will keep your network safe by detecting, deterring, and repairing the damage that malware could cause to your system.

2. AI-Monitoring at Your Service

BTI’s Endpoint Detection and Response service utilizes behavioral AI to continuously monitor and map all of your network processes to eliminate malicious threats while diagnosing the root causes of the infection to prevent further reoccurrences.

3. Immediate Response

If malicious activity is detected, our EDR security service immediately responds to the threat to remediate and contain it. If your systems already suffered damage, a system rollback can be activated to return your endpoints to a previous risk-free state.

4. SOC at your Service

BTI’s SOC (Security Operations Center) will be available for you 24/7/365 to ensure that your systems and network remain protected. BTI’s SOC will work as an expansion of your IT team to assist with the monitoring and management of your network while reducing the need for an in-house security team!

BTI: The Best EDR Security Provider for Your Business

With BTI's Endpoint Detection and Response solutions, your business is in safe hands. Don't wait for a costly malicious attack before taking action! Read our blog to learn more or contact us directly today.


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