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Benefits When Utilizing Cloud-Based Video Management Software for Security

Video management software is a crucial tool for maintaining business security and safety. The ability to store and manage video recorded by security cameras can provide invaluable insights and evidence in the event of an incident. The difference between a slight financial loss and a complete disaster is how quickly an incident can be discovered and addressed. Your video management software can be costing you money if it is not meeting your business needs.

Cloud-Based Video Management

Added Business Intelligence

Having the ability to quickly review video footage from anywhere gives companies the opportunity to accelerate and monitor business operations, as well as provide video evidence to identify performance issues that would normally be difficult for management to recognize.

There are many different types of video management software (VMS), but an increasingly popular and effective solution is cloud-based VMS. Cloud-based VMS offers a number of advantages over traditional, on-premises solutions, including:

Flexible Management

Businesses with multiple headquarters can be monitored remotely all within the same software. Use a phone, tablet, or computer to review footage, create rules and alerts, manage users, export footage, and more.

Improved Security

The value of a Cloud-based video management software resides in its data and how this is stored. With hosted systems data is protected against any physical damage that can occur on-site. Cloud-based systems store the information in the cloud using the same encryption system as banks. This reduces the chances of data loss and allows owners to access cloud data centers that contain all the information of the network even in case of malfunction.

Increased Scalability

Easily add or remove cameras and storage without worrying about on-site infrastructure. If a business is thriving and the need for extra video footage comes by, update (or downgrade if needed) the current plan to get extra storage and continue with business operations without any drawbacks.

Reduced Costs

Maintenance and labor costs reduce significantly when implementing a hosted system. Installation costs, IT salaries, annual maintenance, and electricity are some of the expenses that need to be paid for an on-site solution to work properly. On the other hand, hosted solutions outsource support so businesses don’t have to worry about maintenance or installation allowing your IT Team to concentrate on more profitable tasks. The integration capabilities and the constant security updates offered by hosted systems reduce costs both in the short and the long term.

Enhanced Analytics:

Cloud-based video management software provides businesses with useful real-time data that protects the companies’ assets as well as allows management to make better business decisions. Video analytics can:

  • Identify people, vehicles, and license plates.

  • Count and track individuals

  • Detect faces, movements, and violent actions

  • Create restricted zones

  • Gunshot detection

  • Generate real-time alerts or push notifications

All of this is done without the need for human intervention.

Even though hosted solutions may seem like a big investment at first sight the real saving comes when companies realize they don't need to constantly update their systems or worry about data breaches. Having a team of experts working on security while employees focus on operational work will definitely boost productivity in the workplace as well as make everyone feel safe and protected. If you would like to know more about cloud-based video management and how this technology can benefit your business please schedule a free consultation or contact us.


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