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Benefits of BTI’s IT Remote Monitoring and Finance Management Services

Managing, upgrading, and reporting on IT systems and devices is complex to set up at first, hard to keep up with as things change, boring to administer when things are quiet, and disastrous for productivity on nights and weekends when things go wrong. BTI Communications Group’s RMM service is the solution you might be looking to for all that. BTI RMM is 24/7 bundled software and engineering support at an attractive monthly price starting at $10 per desktop.

BTI's IT remote monitoring and finance management services

But what is RMM, what are the benefits, and how does having RMM impact your business? Let’s discover this together!

What is BTI’s RMM?

BTI RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) is a service where BTI’s Operation Center engineers and software work with you and your designated IT team to optimize your systems 24/7. With RMM, we use software agents installed on computers to remotely monitor and manage them. These agents connect to Microsoft, Apple, VMware, Linux, Cisco, and other network-connected devices like routers and firewalls. During normal operations, our staff uses these agents to back up, patch, optimize, upgrade, and secure systems assigned to us.

When unexpected events occur to covered equipment, IT professionals remotely troubleshoot and fix them. When they can’t be fixed remotely, we escalate and dispatch your team or ours per your instructions. We use software tools and a team of over 900 specialists to ensure we always meet our service level agreements with you.

For management and compliance purposes, RMM from BTI also includes a real-time status dashboard, executive and operations manager reports, and on-demand software and hardware license and configuration reporting.

Benefits of BTI RMM:

1. Maximizes Productivity and Uptime

RMM from BTI involves proactive monitoring and attention to all your IT systems. Over 90% of system issues that would cause degraded performance are preventable with RMM. With an RMM provider like BTI, your IT team will become more effective and readily available so that you can prioritize without sacrificing uptime, reliability, or security.

2. Reduces IT Operations Costs

RMM from BTI also includes over 900 Network Operations Center staff working with our state-of-the-art software systems with ongoing specialized training. Our fixed fee per device or system is 1/10 of the cost of what the AICPA recommends that companies spend on IT support. In addition, there are no vacations, sick days, or personal days, and we streamline reporting and accountability. You don’t have to insure us, either. In fact, we’ll insure you!

3. Reduces Software and Systems Cost

BTI agents and tools can be bundled and priced at a point well below what any Fortune 500 company could negotiate. In some instances, the savings in software licensing alone pays for the complete service.

4. Faster, Better, Cheaper IT Project Planning and Execution

When you’re a BTI RMM client, our cost to plan and deliver typical desktop, server and infrastructure projects is much lower because of the efficiency of our documentation, automation, RMM personnel, and RMM scripting library. As a result, you will receive 50% to 70% discounts on project prices for setting up new systems, desktop and server migrations, network infrastructure upgrades, cloud migrations, and any other IT projects we deliver.

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BTI Communications Group offers a wide variety of customized IT services including managed and co-managed IT. BTI RMM is the core of these services.

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