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7 Benefits of Implementing an Axis Video Encoder to Record Your Old Analog Cameras

Do you want to upgrade your surveillance cameras but are worried the investment will be too expensive? Axis Video Encoder might be for you. Axis Video Encoders take the coax signal from your analog security cameras and upgrade the signal to an IP format so state-of-the-art systems can work with analog cameras. Here are a few ways that the Axis Video Encoder can benefit your business:


1. Increased Image Quality

Digital images retain their high quality regardless of the distance traveled. Axis Video Encoders come with features like image fine-tuning, as well as aspect ratio correction. These maintain the quality of the image and ensure that they don’t distort when viewing them on a PC screen.

High-performance Axis Video Encoders provide a full frame rate in all resolutions and video channels. Some Axis Encoders even handle HD analog cameras with 1080p and greater resolution.

2. Video Analytics

Axis Video Encoder can enable a multitude of Axis Video Analytics. Some of those added features include:

● Motion Detection

● Tampering Alarm

● Event Management

● And Audio Support

Axis video analytics are designed to boost your operational efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of onsite security. In addition, using Axis Analytics allows you to reduce operational costs.

3. Remote PTZ Control

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Control allows analog PTZ cameras to be remotely controlled through your network, providing extensive visibility throughout your facility.

4. Reuse Your Old Coax Cables

Coax cables have some advantages despite their weight, cost, and capacity. Coax cables may be very labor-intensive to replace but will work at longer distances when compared to Ethernet cables. In addition, coax cables will last decades. If your camera requirements don’t require more sophisticated Ethernet-based cameras, you can get by for years with an Axis Encoder and your analog cameras.

5. Cybersecurity Benefits

Most embedded network DVRs are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Axis Encoders will allow you to modernize your old systems and connect your cameras to a secured and patched standard server or cloud environment. This allows you to increase the security of your video surveillance systems and manage them properly with protective software and virus protection.

6. Increased Scalability and Flexibility

Since recording and management are based on standardized hardware, you can choose between thousands of vendors and providers, most of whom have open architectures for further integration. Whatever your needs may be, an Axis Encoder will allow you to meet those needs.

7. Edge Storage & Cloud Equipment

Axis Video Encoders support SD storage and cloud storage. SD storage allows you to have local storage of recordings that can be used as a backup when central storage is not available.

Cloud storage allows you to eliminate the costs of storage hardware. Since cloud servers are stored in secure facilities and have rigorous data protection, your data is safer.

BTI, the Best Axis Integrator Near You

Here at BTI, we have more than 35 years of experience in the fields of communications systems, IT, and security! If you are looking for a team of experts that can help you manage, upgrade, install, or maintain your current security systems, contact us! We will meet all your communication, IT, and security needs at the highest quality for a low price!


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