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7 Ways to Boost Business Security

Business security is no longer about buying an alarm system or signing a monitoring contract. In today’s digital world and litigious market, you’ll need more – even cybersecurity for your equipment.

Here are some simple ways to get a big boost in business security in 2022.

1. Set up electronic access control.

Instead of opening and closing entryways, set up an electronic system for access control. An electronic system lets you schedule when you lock and unlock doors and gates. It also lets you determine who can enter and when. You can issue authorized entrants either electronic access cards or fobs or give out mobile phone credentials that must be authenticated before entry. You also can program the access control system, so that someone who “finds” those credentials can’t use them to enter.

2. Install video doorbells.

Video doorbells connected to access-controlled doors and rolling gates are state-of-the-art technology for business security now. They can enable you to monitor, allow, and redirect visitor traffic around your business without the need for reception or guards covering every door and gate 24X7 but with the same benefit. The doorbells greet the person arriving and record them close up on both audio and video before allowing entry. They can help deter unwanted visits and reduce your labor costs.

3. Upgrade your security camera system.

Improving your security camera system can increase your visibility and make video retrieval easier, among other benefits. You may not need to replace your existing camera system to see gains. Sometimes, replacing just a few key cameras in select locations can significantly boost business security. The latest camera technology features built-in analytics, remote viewing, and searchability features.

4. Link your security systems to the Internet and cell phones.

Linking your security systems to the Internet and cellphones may seem obvious if you already have those links for your home. However, many companies operate with outdated and disconnected systems. Linking them to remote devices can boost security and cut response times when you are off-premises.

5. Request another bid for alarm monitoring.

Many traditional alarm-monitoring systems operate on a recurring revenue model, where they maximize your monthly fee but reduce services over time. Request a bid from another alarm-monitoring company to check current prices and ensure that you’re not overpaying.

6. Add an electronic visitor management system.

Instead of logging visitor arrivals and departures on paper, add an electronic system for visitor management. Some companies are required by law to keep visitor logs, and electronic records are easier to search than paper ones. The latest electronic systems have come down in price, and when combined with electronic access control and video doorbells, can reduce your labor costs.

7. Get a cybersecurity check.

Get a checkup from a reliable IT integrator on the cybersecurity of your alarm, access control, and camera technology too. Some low-cost products have been found to be pre-hacked. Even expensive equipment is sometimes installed by contractors without regard to cybersecurity. With hackers now breaching systems even at multinationals, it’s wise to strengthen cybersecurity for your business security system.

Need a checkup on your business security system?

For a checkup on your business security system, schedule a call with one of our technicians here.


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