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7 Signs You Need Managed IT

Managed IT is a subscription service you buy from a specialized company that provides support for some or all of your managed IT network services. Even fully-staffed IT departments often use managed IT for specific tech needs that don't make sense to support internally. For example, you likely don’t have enough budget or staff to warrant creating your own version of Google, Amazon, or Microsoft Cloud.

Here are seven signs you need managed IT network services:

1. You experience unplanned downtime on your computer or internet systems.

Unplanned downtime can cost your business thousands of dollars per minute. It can also make security more vulnerable and hurt your reputation. Downtime should be planned and systems proactively monitored. Managed IT network services gives you support 24/7.

2. Your IT team is overworked.

Your IT staff deserve a life, too. Most businesses can’t afford the 24/7 IT staffing, continuing education, and new automation tools that managed IT providers can offer. Outsourcing your IT maintenance and management can free up time for your IT staff to focus on what really matters: keeping up with your business and your specific project needs.

3. Your phone and email systems sometimes fail.

Your communications systems, whether cloud- or premise-based, are more efficient and safe as managed network services. If they’re not, the systems can get hacked, and your communications may drop. Customer complaints can cost you revenue and damage your reputation. Even if your IT team can monitor your phone and email services, it’s usually cheaper, more reliable, and more efficient to give the task to a managed IT provider.

4. Your credit card company or other vendors say that your credentials have been hacked in their IT systems.

Millions of companies have their credentials compromised every year. (You could include a link here to an outside article on this topic.) Managed IT network services can more carefully monitor your credentials to keep them safe.

5. You don’t have time to read the manuals for your “managed” devices such as switches and servers.

Many businesses buy devices and leave them largely in default settings. They install threat-detection systems and often don't update those settings or monitor alerts either. With an internal IT team, you’re liable for losses when there’s a problem. With a managed IT firm that has proper insurance, you have someone to sue.

6. You worry about employee turnover on your IT team.

Most companies rely on one or several key IT staffers to keep core systems running. With a managed IT network services, you have a specialized team as a backup.

7. You worry about IT at your business, even just a little.

Face it. You’ve got more important things to do. Sign up with a specialist for managed IT network services.

If any of these apply to you then contact us today and we'll show you just how easily we can help!



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