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6 Business Security Benefits of Getting Axis Cameras Installed

Business owners wanting to acquire a video surveillance system or replace current cameras are presented with a wide range of options. If you have done your research before investing, you may have heard about Axis cameras. It’s not a coincidence that one of the most popular searches when looking into the topic of business surveillance is “Axis cameras” and “Axis dealer near me.” In this blog post, we get into why Axis cameras are one of the most wanted cameras on the market and Axis’ benefits over other camera brands.

Why are Axis Cameras So Popular?

Axis cameras have been popular over the years, and it is not by mistake. In 1996, Axis invented the first network camera (also known as IP cameras) and has been the leading IP camera provider ever since. Constant evolution, the utilization of high-end materials, and non-stop improvement are some of the characteristics that make Axis cameras the go-to choice for business owners. But what are some of the benefits of acquiring this specific brand? Let’s find out!

Axis Security Camera Analytics Dashboard.

1. Superior Image Quality

Forensic detail is extremely important when we are talking about security. A parking lot, for example, must make sure that all of its video footage has the highest video quality to avoid false damage claims, identify trespassers, and burglars alike. Axis also creates, manufactures, and implements its own microchips. These microchips allow Axis users to experience crystal-clear images and outstanding network performance. This camera quality can only be seen on Axis cameras.

2. Flexible Video Format

Axis cameras offer users more than one video compression format. Formats like JPEG-4, Motion JPEG, and H.264 are available. Storing the footage of your Axis cameras in H.264 gives users smaller file sizes, reduced storage costs, and increased efficiency, and systems are known for their excellence in quality.

3. Intelligent Video

Motion detection, audio detection, and event management are some of the capabilities that Axis cameras have implemented. Other features like video analytics, tracking, and tampering protection can be implemented into your cameras as well. These capabilities will allow you to get intelligent insight into your workplace to boost processes and maintain high high-security measures.

4. Largest Video Management Support on the Market

Axis cameras are supported by the Axis Development Partner Program. With more than 800 partners in the program, this makes it the largest application software in the industry. Axis also uses Axis Camera Station, a video management solution that allows consumers to monitor and customize their video footage to identify any risky situations without wasting time.

5. Event Management Capabilities

Axis cameras can integrate input/output devices like sensors and alarms as well as access control integration to properly manage camera footage. This gives the owner endless possibilities to fight against trespassing, inappropriate behavior, security threats, and more.

If you decide to integrate a sensor for the camera located at the main entrance of your business, every time the sensor detects movement, Axis cameras can be configured to perform a specific action.

Depending on your preference, Axis cameras can either record that moment, send an alert email, activate lights, and sound alarms, or close doors.

6. Thermal Imaging

A large percentage of business owners suffer significant monetary losses because their video cameras are unable to properly register activity during nighttime. Axis cameras have a model that implements thermal technology to detect temperature changes on site. This creates top-quality footage in total darkness and the most challenging conditions.

Axis thermal cameras have the same capabilities as other Axis cameras and can be integrated with other IP cameras to allow for greater detection capabilities as well as increased protection!

BTI: Your Approved Axis Camera Dealer

At BTI Communications, we have more than 35 years of experience in the field of IT, security, and communications. We are also an approved Axis dealer. If you have any questions about Axis access control or you are looking to implement this solution in your business contact us now and schedule a free business assessment!



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