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5 Business Security Benefits of Getting Avigilon Cameras

multi-lens Avigilon IP Security Camera

Having a video surveillance system in your business allows you to experience a

substantial increase in your security.

As IT and physical security specialists, we often receive questions regarding which cameras would best suit our clients’ companies. Today we are going to talk about one of our top sellers, Avigilon cameras, and the benefits that installing them will give your business.

Avigilon cameras have unique features that differentiate them from the competition. Avigilon cameras are one of the best solutions if you are looking to protect your workforce, support management, and increase the overall security measures and safety policies within your business.

Avigilon cameras have unique features that will increase your business safety such as:

1. Built-in Facial Recognition

Facial recognition provides management with reliable information in terms of security and decision-making. The facial recognition capabilities provided by Avigilon cameras will allow you to identify threats in real time to protect your business against fraud and detect crime in a timely fashion.

2. Advanced Search Function

The most common problem that business owners encounter when using video surveillance systems is being able to find footage in a short time. Thanks to its advanced search function, Avigilon cameras can help managers find the information they are looking for faster.

Avigilon’s isolation capabilities can segregate specific items in your footage including height, gender, articles of clothing, and the specific dates and times these situations occurred.

3. UMD (Unusual Movement Detection)

Avigilon cameras and Avigilon ACC Software incorporate AI with machine learning technologies to take your security to the next level. Your Avigilon Camera will master and learn movement patterns to differentiate between regular and suspicious activities.

For instance, imagine as a storeowner you notice a suspicious couple wandering around your parking lot. One of them disappears while the other continues towards your entry. You realize the missing individual is still nearby, trying to mask his or her approach to your business. Avigilon cameras would detect suspicious behavior and instantly send an alert to the Avigilon Control Center!

Avigilon cameras’ UMD can also be extended to vehicles and objects, as well as people in different scenarios. If a camera captures a car getting rid of suspicious material on the railroad, Avigilon cameras would be able to detect and record the car’s license plates, the material that was left on the scene, and the individual.

4. Focus of Attention

Focus of attention is a smarter way to monitor your CCTV setup without needing a large number of screens. Avigilon Control Center’s user-friendly design allows you to display the footage in a hexagonal layout that makes looking at live video easier.

Color-coded icons also make it easier to focus on the areas that need attention. For example, if your Avigilon camera detects movement, a blue hexagon will show up on the control center screen so you can identify noteworthy footage.

5. Future Proof Technology

The ability to upgrade the components of your Avigilon cameras makes them future-proof. There are no firmware limitations, unlike many other security options. The ability to add and modify unlimited cameras to your infrastructure with no complications will allow you to enjoy one of the best cameras on the market.

BTI: Your Avigilon Camera Provider

If you would like to learn more about the benefits that installing an Avigilon Camera will give to your business, please contact BTI or schedule your free assessment.

Here at BTI, we have more than 35 years of experience in the IT, security, and communications fields, and we’re happy to lend our expertise to you.



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