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5 Advantages of Business Phone Systems

A business phone system is an integrated tool that can be designed to maximize information flow and collaboration, helping companies operate more productively. A well-designed system links hardware and software such as mobile phones, computers, CRM systems, and sales prospecting lists.

Properly configured and monitored, a business phone system can increase efficiency, boost customer satisfaction, improve corporate image and lower personnel costs, among other benefits.

Here are five advantages to a well-designed business phone system.

1. Better Measurement

A good business phone system measures the flow of information and demand across an organization and integrates those measurements with key collaboration tools. For example, a system can measure how many sales calls were made, how many of those calls were answered, and how many of those calls were converted to sales. Those measurements can help managers suggest the best time to make sales calls and share best practices on calls from the most productive employees.

2. Increased Efficiency

Correctly configured, a business phone system lets you grow your business and reduce expenses per transaction. Crucial departments such as marketing, administration, customer service, help desk, and sales are likely to see the biggest gains. For instance, a good system offers easy prompts for users, quickly routes inquiries to the right department, and links customer service staff to needed information on computers, simplifying information flow.

3. Higher Employee Retention

A well-designed business phone system can help retain, attract and train employees. A good system lets employees work from home with the same level of productivity as in the office. It also lets workers in different time zones collaborate effectively. Those advantages make it easier to keep valued employees if they move – a big benefit when the hiring market is tight.

4. Improved Corporate Image

It’s frustrating when you call a company and can’t get through, or when their help desk lacks answers. A good business phone system can help companies track call volumes, assign appropriate staff and integrate scripts for customer service staff to better meet customer needs and improve corporate image. A strong image attracts more business.

5. Lower Operating Costs

A new, well-designed business phone system can lower operating costs. New technology is not only more advanced and more reliable, but it’s also getting cheaper. Integrating new devices with existing equipment and software can trim day-to-day costs for operations. Hire a managed IT provider like BTI that specializes in designing and monitoring business phone systems, and operating costs can drop even further – a big advantage amid today’s tough competition.

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Business Phone System?

Want a free audit of your business phone system guaranteed to save you hundreds of dollars a year on your phone bill? Schedule a call with one of our technicians here.


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