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10 Reasons to Use Cloud-Based Access Control

Every organization looks to maximize profits while minimizing costs. While security is a necessary business expense, it behooves companies to seek the most affordable options available. Fortunately, modern solutions, like cloud-based access control, maximize both effectiveness and affordability with benefits that will impact your company’s efficiency, security, reliability, and budget in positive ways.

Besides allowing you to invest less money up-front, cloud-based access control systems have multiple benefits. How do hosted-access control systems improve your business efficiency, scalability, and safety? Here are 10 ways how!

Using Openpath access control software hands free entry feature to access a building.

1. OpenPath Cloud-Based Access Control is Fully Remote

When your access control system is cloud-based, you can manage your systems from anywhere at any time. Cloud-based access control provides the ability to administer credentials, revoke access, & customize entries from one or multiple sites from a single interface.

2. OpenPath Cloud-Based Access Control is Secure

OpenPath access control software is designed to meet all your IT and compliance requirements. Stop wasting time figuring out how to update, maintain, and protect your systems. Features like automatic updates and end-to-end encryption will keep your business safe 24/7 without adversely affecting your daily tasks.

3. Increased Customization

OpenPath access control allows you to customize permissions, user schedules, default entry states for specific credentials & more. Its customization features allow you to easily scale your systems up or down as needed without breaking the bank.

4. Real-Time Visibility

This allows you to access detailed activity records including logs, on-demand video, and custom alerts as they occur.

5. 24/7 Support

When you partner with BTI you will have a team of security experts monitoring your systems 24/7 to ensure that your solution is performing perfectly at all times.

6. Unified Video and Access Solutions

OpenPath’s unified video integration allows you to get a complete overview of what is happening inside your premises. You can easily integrate your access control system with Openpath’s video solutions or VMS systems to have visual, observation of all onsite events.

Integration with VMS systems like AVA Security, Avigilon, Cisco Meraki, & Milestone can also enhance your OpenPath system’s performance.

7. Easily Scalable

On top of increased reliability and scalability, OpenPath’s enterprise-grade cloud architecture allows you to support unlimited sites and doors, sync users across all locations, and activate emergency lockdown plans.

8. Limitless Integration

With OpenPath’s App Marketplace, you can create a complete, automated system to support your operations. Integrate your access control software with 45+ apps, open API architecture software and other IoT devices to improve the efficiency and reliability of your solutions!

9. Convenience

Make your premises safer without affecting convenience. Choose from a variety of access methods including encrypted credentials like fobs or access cards, keypad access, watch apps, guest passes, or tablet apps to permit access to restricted areas anywhere at any time.

10. The Best Partner in The Market

Choosing BTI as your preferred vendor comes with tons of added benefits. Our expertise in other areas like communication and IT allows us to help you meet all your security and IoT compliance needs!

Since we are an all-in-one vendor, you won’t have to worry about installation, integration, maintenance, support, or any other needs that your access control security system may have. At BTI, we will take care of your security needs.

Our partnership also gives you the best-customized solution to fit your business needs at the best price! When you win, so do we.

BTI The OpenPath Provider Near Me

Now that you know all the benefits of installing OpenPath, don’t wait to make the switch. Contact us now and experience what state-of-the-art IT, communications, security, and support feels like!


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