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Why Milestone VMS Software & Servers Pair Well for Airport Security

Airport terminal.

When it comes to physical security, airport environments face a unique set of challenges. With numerous government agencies overseeing different facets of an airport’s security, approval for even minor upgrades can be a difficult ordeal. Those who work in airport security know firsthand that dealing with bureaucracy and red tape is an everyday struggle for maintaining security—and yet, it’s essential. The security of airports remains as paramount as anywhere.

Video management systems (VMS) are at the heart of the physical security operations of airports. And time and again, airports most commonly choose Milestone VMS.

But why Milestone? Commercially, there are numerous other options for VMS.

Simply put, Milestone VMS is popular in large video deployments like airports because of its unparalleled compatibility. Here are five reasons why the compatibility of Milestone software makes it the ideal choice for airport security.

1. Wide-Ranging Third-Party Integrations

Milestone VMS is compatible with many third-party product integrations, making for easy pairing with access control, burglar alarms, environmental and temperature alarms, and other security integrations.

Milestone software also integrates with Briefcam, a video analysis solutions product that allows for advanced forensic searching helpful to airport security. Briefcam can even be licensed on a camera-by-camera basis via Milestone Rapid Review licensing, making it affordable to equip airport security with state-of-the-art forensics tools.

2. Unparalleled Scalability

Perhaps Milestone VMS’ major distinguishing feature is its ability to scale to each airport’s unique size and needs.

Milestone software scales affordably from 50 or 100 cameras on a single recording server to 10,000+ cameras on distributed recording servers. Each option allows security operators to separate and integrate Milestone server functionality—whether management, event, or web—across data centers and cloud providers. It’s possible to have hundreds of Milestone servers managed from both a management interface and other redundant Milestone servers in the cloud, allowing for thousands of simultaneous video searches.

Whether it’s a rural airport with a handful of gates or an international travel hub, Milestone VMS can handle the entirety of an airport’s video security.

Also, outlot airport transportation, lodging, and public safety agencies running Milestone may grant each other limited and secure access to specific cameras for overlapping surveillance in their native clients on their otherwise independently managed systems.

3. Broad Compatibility with Camera Architecture

Updating or replacing legacy camera architecture is never an easy task, particularly with airports’ complex security requirements. The best approach is for your VMS to adapt to the setting instead of expecting the setting to adapt to your VMS. And with over 1100 camera integrations, Milestone VMS integrates easily with most preferred camera architectures.

Milestone software possesses extensive capability to search metadata from any integrated cameras. This means that Milestone allows advanced functionality without the need to replace cameras on an existing system.

As a bonus, Milestone VMS’ owner, Canon, owns Axis Communications, one of the most popular camera providers on airport premises. Milestone software and Axis are known for their consistently reliable integration.

4. Meets Government Security Requirements

Not every VMS can meet the unique requirements of an airport VMS. Government regulations on VMS are stringent, and Milestone VMS is one of the few systems that can meet them.

Milestone VMS allows for encryption between all services and components of the video management environment—a fundamental requirement of many government agencies.

With Milestone VMS, recorded security video remains cyber-secure, which is why it continues to be one of the most common choices for airport security and government agencies.

5. Familiarity Helps

Since government agencies are familiar with Milestone VMS, compliance with various regulations can become far less complicated. Red tape and bureaucracy in airports are challenging enough already—there’s little reason to introduce an unknown or untested VMS in airport security settings.

Familiarity with Milestone VMS is a bonus when training security employees. Since many security employees already have experience with Milestone software, their training time is reduced. The added familiarity of your security personnel with Milestone VMS helps minimize the risk of operator error or other security oversights.

Simplify Airport Video Management Solutions With BTI

As a licensed Advanced Milestone VMS partner, BTI Communications provides complete Milestone VMS solutions: from installation, to servicing, to video upkeep, system remote monitoring and management. BTI has experience in airport settings and other complex environments, and we know how to address airport VMS’ unique needs.

At BTI, we guarantee to keep your physical security solutions simple, cheap, and predictable. We give our honest assessments, including itemized quotes to ensure transparency on pricing and no surprising after-the-fact upcharges.

Are you interested in learning more about BTI Communications and our physical security solutions? Reach out to us for a free consultation today.

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