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What is Xima & Why Should You Consider It as Your Go-To Cloud Contact Center Solution?

Managing a contact center can be tough - between overseeing a team of agents, handling customer inquiries, and making sure everything runs smoothly, the challenges can seem endless.

Leveraging your management skills with Xima software will allow you to streamline your job, improve overall performance, and achieve call center automation to provide your customers with world-class customer service at a fraction of the cost. In this blog you will learn:

  • What is Xima Software

  • Achieving Call Center Automation with Xima Software

  • Xima Software Features for:

    • Clients

    • Agents

    • Supervisors

  • 5 Benefits of Xima Cloud Contact Center Solutions

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What is Xima Software?

Xima is a cloud contact center solution that enables businesses to manage all of their customer interactions in a single virtual environment. Its increased customizability, easy-to-use interface, and amazing features make Xima one of the preferred call center automation software of thousands of organizations worldwide.

Close-up business woman with a big smile and making a call. 

Achieving Call Center Automation with Xima

Xima is designed to make your contact center operations seamless by achieving call center automation. Its features are designed to benefit customers, agents, and supervisors alike.

Xima Software Features for Clients

Xima software aims to enhance customer experience by offering multiple communication channels such as phone, email, and chat. This way, customers can reach out to organizations in their preferred manner, knowing that their needs will be addressed promptly and effectively.

Agent Dashboard

Agents are vital to your cloud contact center's success. That's why Xima software is designed to boost their productivity and streamline their workflow. With Xima, your agents can concentrate on what really matters: delivering the best possible experience for your customers.

Multi-channel Communication

Reach your customers on their terms with Xima cloud-based contact center solutions! Have complete control over customer engagement and tailor your approach to meet your customers through their preferred communication channels.


Xima software boasts an effortless interface curated for both agents and supervisors to have easy access to all information required to boost customer satisfaction and increase sales!

Colleagues working together in a call center.

Xima Software Features for Supervisors

Xima software’s user-friendly interface simplifies contact center management. With Xima, supervisors can effortlessly oversee their team members and track their performance through customizable reports, wallboards, and real-time tools.

Alerts and triggers provide the ability to personalize notifications sent to agents via email, SMS, and screen pop messages. By setting up various threshold numbers for different events such as queued and missed calls, you'll know when your agents need immediate attention. This ensures customer satisfaction through timely agent assistance.

With Xima software call center automation becomes a reality!

Custom Reports

Customize your data to measure the KPIs that your business needs to succeed.

Real-Time View

Utilize real-time data visualization to track essential metrics such as call volume, average handling time, and customer satisfaction to make informed business decisions that improve your overall hosted call center performance and customer satisfaction.

Recording Library

A good cloud contact center solution allows supervisors to keep an eye on multiple aspects of your team's performance. The recording library can give you a quick and insightful glance into your team's performance.

This tool is not only valuable but also versatile, enabling you to pinpoint areas that require improvement, double-check that proper procedures are being followed, and tailor training sessions that are relevant to your agents' needs.


5 Benefits of Xima Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions

Benefit 1: Better Customer Experience

Xima Cloud Contact Center Solutions is a guaranteed way to ensure your clients get the best customer service at all times. With your team and Xima’s software hosted call center solutions, success is right around the corner.

Benefit 2: Happy Agent’s, Happy Life

Your agents will have the ability to efficiently handle multiple calls and chats all at once, while also being able to add notes to call records and manage their busy schedules. Plus, they can track their own performance to continually enhance their skills and provide outstanding service.

Benefit 3: An Affordable Hosted Contact Center Solution

Xima software-hosted call center solution has lower prices when compared to other CCaaS providers. In addition, if you choose BTI as your Xima software provider your costs can go even lower!

Benefit 4: Scalable, Reliable, and Available

Xima’s customized reports, easy installation, features, and real-time data you can make sure your organization is available when your clients need you the most.

Benefit 5: A Cloud Contact Center Solution with World-Class Analytics

Xima’s tracking dashboard offers insights such as total calls, call duration, unanswered calls, your longest call duration, and more. These kinds of metrics help you better understand your customers and how to improve customer service.

BTI, The Cloud Contact Center Solutions Provider Near Me

BTI has more than 35 years of experience in IT, physical security, and communications. As Xima Software and cloud center solutions providers, we can give you the expert support and below-market-rate prices your business needs to succeed!

Are you ready to take your organization to the next level? Contact us today and discover how BTI will benefit your business!


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