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What is DMP (Digital Monitoring Products) and Why They Are Good For Business Security?

As businesses continue to grow and expand, so does the need for reliable security systems that can protect valuable assets and data from potential threats.

There are multiple companies to choose from when looking for a business security system, but DMP (Digital Monitoring Products) is quickly becoming one of the favorite physical security brands among thousands of business owners.

Do you want to discover what makes DMP so special? Keep reading.

What is DMP?

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) is a family-owned, independent manufacturer of physical security solutions for businesses. Intrusion alarms, door entry systems, and cellular alarm solutions are just a few of the products that DMP security manufactures.

All DMP products are created and manufactured in America with US components. DMP security headquarters are located in Springfield, Missouri. Their factory, call center, engineering team, and distribution center were born and continue to be in Missouri 45 years later.

How Did DMP Started?

In 1975, Rick Britton, founder, and CEO of DMP security, began developing a product that could automate direct wire and McCulloh products for their central station while working on Atlas Security.

As the project grew and succeeded, DMP was officially formed. At first, DMP security started as a small department of Atlas Security but it quickly grew into a manufacturing company.

When DMP’s first product, a combination of multiplex, direct wire, and McCulloh, fire/burglary receiver was introduced to the market, DMP began to offer their business security solutions to central stations nationwide.

With Quality In Mind

DMP’s security slogan is “Quality First, Quality Fast.” Their in-house engineers, software developers, and strict quality control measures ensure their products are built to last and are produced in a fast, efficient, and durable way while ensuring DMP security solutions remain at competitive prices.

DMP Security “Made in The USA”

While many companies have moved manufacturing overseas, DMP proudly produces its products in the United States. This allows DMP to maintain tight control over quality and delivery, providing superior service to customers.

DMP also takes great pride in contributing to the local Springfield community by employing hardworking residents dedicated to their craft. Though some components must be sourced globally, DMP's U.S.-based manufacturing is a distinguishing strength that builds close partnerships with dealers and customers alike. Overall, DMP's American-made products are a testament to the company's commitment to community and country.

DMP security headquarters with US flag.

DMP Security Products

DMP manufactures a wide range of physical security solutions for businesses looking to maintain their company and staff safety. As a DMP dealer, BTI is able to provide the full suite of DMP security products including:

DMP Alarm Panel

BTI is an authorized DMP dealer and able to provide the DMP XR, XT, and XTL DMP alarm panels. Its incredible features like encrypted communication, backward and forward compatibility, and open/close scheduling and reporting to name a few, make DMP alarm panels one of the best options for business owners looking for an affordable but efficient way of keeping their assets safe.

DMP Access Control

DMP offers all the tools you need to maintain and operate an efficient and future-proof access control system. Features like battery backup, one door two readers support, remote diagnostic, and analytic capabilities make it the perfect door entry system solution for big and small business owners that are looking to maintain the tightest levels of security onsite.

DMP Security X-18 multi-door access controller white background.

DMP Virtual Keypad With DMP’s virtual keypad, you will be able to manage and modify all the features of your door entry system at all times. You can arm and disarm the DMP access control system, add, delete, or make any user inactive, lock, unlock, and grant access from any door, and more!

DMP security virtual keypad on white background.

Looking for a DMP Dealer? Choose BTI!

Besides having 35 years of experience in the field of physical security, communications, and IT, our vast expertise allows us to design, implement, maintain, and update all of your DMP solutions while providing world-class support.

In addition, BTI is an authorized DMP dealer able to provide below-market-rate prices so you can have the customized physical security solution your business needs.

Are you ready to take your business security to the next level? Contact us today and schedule a free consultation!

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