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What is a Network Assessment & Why Do You Need It?

A network assessment is the process of evaluating your existing IT infrastructure, security, performance, and management processes to identify vulnerabilities and get a complete overview of your network's health and performance.  


Conducting network assessments regularly will allow you to:


  • Identify and optimize underused or overused resources 

  • Proactively spot and remediate bandwidth bottlenecks within your network.  

  • Uncover critical security flaws to ensure your business keeps running smoothly.  

Network Assessment: The Mechanic Analogy

Think of network assessments as your routine auto maintenance visit. Paying a call to your trusted mechanic regularly is crucial to keeping your car’s performance in ideal conditions and extending your vehicle's life.

Planned visits will not only extend your car's life but also allow you to proactively uncover any issues before they become a hefty and expensive problem.

The same thing is true for your network. Both hardware and software have a limited life expectancy and neglecting its lifespan will not only hinder your network's performance, but it will also leave you vulnerable to cyber threats.

Just like changing your wheels allows you to avoid flat tires, or changing your oil to ensure your engine runs smoothly, conducting a network assessment allows you to extend your software and hardware lifetime while proactively identifying all issues before disruption arises.

The Benefits of Network Assessments From BTI  

Network assessments can provide multiple benefits for your IT infrastructure. While any type of network assessment is good for your IT environment BTI goes the extra mile to provide a meticulous audit that allows you to reach the full potential of your network while reducing your operational costs and boosting your security.  

Here are some benefits of conducting a network assessment from BTI: 

Accurate Forecasting  

Network assessments are the backbone of effective forecasting. Our engineers will meticulously evaluate your network performance to uncover hidden efficiencies and potential bottlenecks to create a comprehensive plan that’s backed up by data-driven insights. 


This results in accurate and predictable monthly, quarterly, and yearly forecasting allowing you to effectively plan your maintenance and update investments to ensure cash is always available. 

Cost Reduction  

Our assessments pinpoint areas where resources are underutilized or overburdened, enabling strategic adjustments. This targeted approach not only enhances performance but also streamlines operations, leading to reduced expenses.  

Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance 

By meticulously inspecting your network infrastructure, we can identify vulnerabilities and potential security threats. Our proactive approach allows you to fortify your defenses, mitigating risks before they escalate.  

Moreover, our deep understanding of regulatory compliance allows us to align your network assessment with your specific regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance and safeguarding sensitive data. 



Over 60% of failures result in at least $100,000 in total losses, up substantially from 39% in 2019.


Full Inventory Overview  

Efficient network performance starts with a thorough hardware and software inventory. Our detailed inventory overview will allow you to: 

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of your IT infrastructure  

  • Identify surplus licenses and underutilized hardware to trim your budget 

  • Pinpoint security gaps to fortify your defenses and more.

Our network inventory report includes your hardware and software:

  • Serial Numbers 

  • Warranty Information 

  • End of Support Status 

  • Network Topology  

  • Device and License Count  

  • License Key Count     

Increased Network Performance 

A network assessment acts as a diagnostic tool that highlights areas of improvement within your network. By conducting an assessment, you will automatically contribute to improving your network performance and security.  

What’s Included in BTI’s Network Assessment?  

BTI’s network assessment is designed to ensure the well-being of your network by conducting a thorough investigation of your vital network components. Our assessment service includes:  

On-site Infrastructure Survey 

Our experts conduct a meticulous on-site survey, evaluating your physical infrastructure to ensure it is protected and aligns seamlessly with your objectives.  


LAN & Active Directory Scan 

Our thorough LAN and Active Directory scan allows us to identify inefficiencies, streamline configurations, and enhance overall connectivity within your network while ensuring all interconnected devices are safe from cyber threats.


93% of all networks are open to breaches due to common vulnerabilities 


Dark Web Scan for Leaked Credentials: 

We will conduct a rigorous dark web investigation to identify leaked sensitive information to stop criminals from exploiting stolen credentials that ended up on the dark web.


90% of advertised exploits on dark marketplaces sell for less than $10, with an average price of just over $2.



External Vulnerability Scan 

According to Qualys, 1/3 of high-risk vulnerabilities are found in network infrastructure and web applications. 

BTI’s comprehensive external vulnerability scan aims to identify potential points of breach for both cyber and physical security threats. By thoroughly examining external factors, we fortify your network against a spectrum of risks from outside sources, ensuring robust protection and resilience. 

E-mail Security Assessment 

A recent study conducted by Deloitte states that 91% of all cyber-attacks begin with a phishing email to an unexpected victim. Our network assessment includes a comprehensive review of your email security measures, ensuring robust protection against phishing, malware, and other threats. 

When is The Best Time to Conduct a Network Assessment?  

Any time is good for a network assessment if it is strategically planned and aligned with your organizational goals. For instance, if you have plans to migrate your infrastructure to the cloud conducting a network assessment will allow you to identify what needs improvement to ensure your solutions perform at the highest levels.


This proactive approach ensures that any potential issues are identified promptly.

Schedule Your Free Network Assessment With BTI

Why wait for tomorrow when you can shape the future of your business today? Schedule a free network assessment to uncover new pathways to success.

Don't leave your growth to chance – seize the opportunity now and revolutionize your business with BTI’s IT products and services.  




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