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How to Calculate ROI for Your Video Surveillance System

A video security system is a must for any organization looking to protect their business and achieve compliance. A good camera system will prevent theft, vandalism, unauthorized access, false claims and more. However, as any investment, determining the return on investment (ROI) before making the purchase decision is crucial.

Most organizations think of video security systems as a necessary cost, and when designed correctly, surveillance systems can turn into a money making machine that supports your operations, reduces costs, and protects your staff and assets.

In this blog post, we will explain how to calculate the ROI for your video surveillance system and why it is essential to do so.


What is ROI and Why is it Important?

ROI or return on investment, is the amount of revenue generated on a particular investment. Calculating the ROI of a project allows you to evaluate the profitability of an investment and compare it to other investment alternatives to make better and more informed business decisions.

How to Calculate the ROI for Your Video Surveillance System

Here are the steps you must follow to calculate the ROI of your video surveillance system.

Step 1: Determine the Total Cost of Your System

The first step is to determine the overall cost of your video camera system. This includes the cost of cameras, recording devices, installation, and any ongoing maintenance or monitoring fees.

Step 2: Determine the Annual Savings from the System

The next step is to determine the annual savings your video surveillance system (or CCTV system) will provide, which includes:

Step 3: Calculate the ROI

Now, divide the annual savings by the total cost of the system, and multiply the result by 100 to get a percentage.

ROI = (Annual Savings / Total Cost) x 100

For instance, if the video surveillance system's total cost is $10,000, and the annual savings is $5,000, the ROI would be:

ROI = ($5,000 / $10,000) x 100 = 50%

Consider Intangible Benefits

Video surveillance systems positively impact different areas of your company. When you integrate your solutions with access control or leverage your cameras with analytics, your video security system can provide incredible operational benefits like:

  • The ability to remotely monitor multiple locations

  • Leveraging AI to get operational insights and detect areas of opportunity.

  • Use your business CCTV systems to create new content for marketing campaigns.

  • Reduce the need for onsite security staff.

  • And more!

BTI the Business Video Surveillance Provider Near Me

Calculating the ROI for your video surveillance system is an essential step in justifying the investment, identifying areas for improvement, and maximizing your resources. By following the simple steps outlined in this blog post, you can determine the ROI for your system and make an informed decision on your next security investment.

Remember, video security systems can provide significant savings and increase the safety and efficiency of your business.

At BTI we have more than 35 years in the field of physical security, communications and IT, and we are able to design, install, maintain, monitor, and update all of your physical security needs! Contact us today to get a video security solution that supports your operations, reduces costs, and makes you money!


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