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AVA Security Cameras: 8 State-of-the-Art Audio Analytic Features

One of the first investments businesses need to make to secure their commercial property is to install video surveillance cameras.

While many surveillance cameras can record audio, most systems don’t have built-in audio analytics. But what are audio analytics? And what are the benefits that acquiring security cameras with built-in audio analytics will provide to your security ecosystem? Keep reading!

Ava  compact dome installed on a ceiling.

What are Audio Analytics?

Audio analytics identify and report or alert on the sound cues. Typically, audio analytics are programmed to detect unusual loud noises, breaking glass, gunshots, fire, smoke, screaming, car alarms, ultrasonic frequencies, panic alarms, and other anomalous sounds.

Audio analytics allow operators to have an instantaneous full view of the environment when the sound occurs. AVA cameras provide extremely reliable audio analytics. Here are some of the great things about the AVA analytic offering:

1. Durability

AVA cameras contain Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) microphones which are known for their quality and durability. The design protects the microphones from dust and liquid while maintaining consistent audio detection. You can count on the AVA product to last and provide a great return on investment.

2. 2-for-1 Investment

Most of the time, audio, video sensors, and software are separate. This results in complex management and greater investment. AVA incorporates microphones in all of its security cameras and audio analytic software as part of the integrated cloud environment. Configuration, maintenance, updates, and new features are accomplished through the cloud-reducing cost and increasing return on investment.

3. Artificial Intelligence: Included

AVA cameras use neural networks and data science to continually develop and improve your system and user experience. Your investment will always yield the latest AI capabilities through the AVA Aware Cloud.

4. Smart Audio and Video Classification

The AVA Aware Cloud labels and structures the audio and video analytic data for you in an optimized and accurate neural network of audio and video analytic events. These neural networks will classify sounds into relevant categories allowing you to easily create rules that are triggered by sound and video.

5. Privacy Law Compliance

With AVA Cameras you have control over how sounds are analyzed and processed in each one of your cameras. Your camera can send a VMS, short clip, and/or audio and metadata of each detection to the cloud. All of this is configurable to comply with the jurisdiction in each camera’s locations throughout your worldwide enterprise.

6. Fine-Tuned Audio Detection and Response

Using AVA Aware Cloud, allows you to configure its microphone array orientation, select sound profiles, create audio alarm rules, and start searching by alert category and receiving real-time notifications in just a few clicks.

7. Directional Audio Analytics

Besides detecting unusual audio on your premises, AVA security cameras can be configured to alert your operators to the precise location where the sound originated even at a distance.

8. Ultrasonic Detection

Ultrasonic sound is undetectable to the human ear. AVA audio analytics can alert you to ultrasonic alarms with frequencies between 18 – 20 kHz. When triggered, AVA audio alerts can silently notify your staff that something is wrong without alerting guests or an intruder.

BTI: The AVA Security Provider Near Me

Here at BTI, we can provide the full range of AVA Security solutions that your business needs for a low cost and with unlimited support. Need help with any of your communications, IT, or security needs? Contact us now and take your next step!


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