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GoodPhone for Astral Energy Success Story

The Covid 19 pandemic impacted how companies operate and communicate. Hybrid information technology solutions that enable seamless remote and in-office collaboration became necessary to operate at all.

Hybrid cloud offerings are nothing new at BTI. We have been helping our customers gain a competitive advantage using remote communication and collaboration solutions since the 1990s. In construction, in particular, a wide range of options are available to increase productivity and sales. For the field worker, the secret to productivity relies on allowing complete visibility and collaboration between the office, field workers, subcontractors, and customers, all of whom are using their own particular devices, apps, and systems to communicate and collaborate.

Phone systems that enable Short Message Service (SMS)/Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS), video conferencing, visual voicemail, and call recording are minimum expectations. Connecting to business-critical systems like contact centers and CRMs via APIs is also a big plus point. By integrating these systems, information flow and communication can be greatly improved.

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The Challenges in Sourcing Communications Services and IT Support

Most companies choose to outsource IT and leverage Internet and cloud technology to ensure performance and technology availability. The reliable, continuous operational performance ranks first on the list of priorities. Second, behind reliability are features/benefits and the cost of those features.

In some cases where costs and subscription services were not well managed, we’ve seen customers spend over $1,000 per employee per month. Other customers underspend on technology and end up with bloated and mismanaged payrolls. It’s not uncommon for the phone portion of that to exceed $100 in total cost per employee or four times what it should.

Striking the right balance to deliver the foremost level of technical quality for your budget is the cornerstone of BTI’s approach to implementation and support for all of our communication, IT, and security solutions. “Business owners feel besieged with all the software-as-a-service fees and complexity of keeping it all organized and running. Costs constantly creep upward, never downward. They are enticed with low offers to start, and then the price doubles or triples on renewal or any changes,” says Eric Brackett, president of BTI Communications Group.

Organizations prefer a service provider that includes access to all necessary business features from the start, whether used or not, at a low fixed monthly rate to reduce complexity, bill creeps, and cost overruns. “Business owners and managers appreciate having transparent, competitive, itemized billing, support, and accountability from a single provider who will sit on the same side of the table with them analyzing cost and benefit to maximize return,” says Brackett.

GoodPhone is a comprehensive business phone system powered by BTI. When associated with advanced marketplace options BTI’s GoodPhone app makes voice and text communication seamless from anywhere.

Optimizing Business Telecom

Astral Energy, an energy company that develops innovative energy solutions for businesses and consumers, based in New Jersey, buys energy wholesale and sells it retail to over 15,000 companies in the B2B market. Ashton Fox, COO of Astral Energy, wanted a more robust, stable solution than his existing telecom service.

“Many of our customers work off their smartphones and on the go, that’s why texting and MMS are important to communicate with them. If our customers struggle to reach us, or we struggle to reach them, it does not work” Fox, says.

As a solution, Fox and Astral Energy chose GoodPhone, a new option in the business communication market by BTI that provides a complete web, voice, video, SMS/MMS, CRM, contact center, and workforce management service and integration for customers and employees. GoodPhone is available for smartphones and office phones as well as on PCs used as phones.

If managers or employees decide to use the GoodPhone App, they no longer need to give their personal cell information to handle business calls. Instead, they can provide their clients with an office phone number to reach them and make or take calls from their web phone, mobile app, or desk phone while displaying their office number.

In addition, GoodPhone allows you to text promotions, contact clients via SMS and MMS messages, and track the responses! Employees can also monitor messages, customize responses, and set auto-responses from one account. When video conferencing is required, the services allow up to 1,000 people to participate and up to 25 to share a screen.

Closing Thought

For years, business telecom systems were a costly and overwhelming challenge. But now there is more choice in the marketplace for businesses who are seeking to streamline their operations on a budget! Integrating all essential telecommunications services via VoIP phones allows you to gain advantageous positioning amongst competitors within your industry.

BTI: The VoIP Provider Near Me

At BTI we have more than 35 years of experience in the fields of communication, IT, and security. Our experience allows us to help you with the design, installation, maintenance, and integration of all of your UC, IT, and security needs to create streamlined solutions that fit all your specific business needs at a low cost. Ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us now and start enjoying world-class solutions for a low price!


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