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6 Ways Milestone VMS Solutions Offer Better Commercial Scalability

There’s no question about it: the top choice in large video deployments is Milestone.

Commercial and government organizations choose Milestone VMS because its unparalleled scaling and compatibility outmatch any video management system on the market.

But what exactly makes Milestone VMS so suitable for large-scale video deployments? Here are six reasons why.

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1. Unlimited Scalability

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of Milestone VMS is its unmatched scalability. Any number of devices can connect to a managing Milestone server—and any number of managing Milestone servers can be incorporated into a VMS system.

The only limits of Milestone servers are system resources, like RAM and CPU performance. This means that if organizations find that the capacity of their managing Milestone servers is not enough, they can simply add additional recording servers.

2. Flexibility During Operation

Devices can be moved between managing Milestone servers without disrupting live and recorded video or general configuration. This means installations can easily add or remove cameras without disrupting an organization’s security.

Since Milestone software also has extensive ability to take on metadata from any camera on its system, it allows for instant, advanced functionality from even newly-installed cameras.

3. Milestone VMS Supports Almost Any Device

Milestone software’s open-platform model supports over 6,000 IP cameras, encoders, and other security devices. Whether it’s third-party access control systems or burglar, environmental, or temperature alarm systems, Milestone software easily integrates with almost any third-party systems organizations need.

With Milestone, commercial and government organizations can select almost any camera to fit their surveillance needs and budgets.

4. Reduces the Cost of Video Upload and Storage

Milestone VMS reduces the often prohibitive costs of long-term video storage in several ways.

  • Milestone software works with internal or external video archives, allowing for affordable, high-density platforms like network-attached storage.

  • Milestone’s multistage storage offers the option to reduce video framerate, significantly reducing the storage space.

  • Milestone servers reduce overall hardware costs as they can manage more cameras than other VMS vendors’ servers.

  • Milestone Kite allows flexibility for where high-bandwidth-usage and low-bandwidth-usage video are each saved, minimizing the costs for uploading and storing on remote servers.

  • Pre-buffer in RAM tech optimizes the use and life of Milestone servers’ physical disks, which can help extend their lifetime, minimizing maintenance and replacement costs.

5. Video Security and Privacy

Even as the scale of VMS increases, security must remain consistently robust. Milestone VMS continues to provide top-of-the-class security and privacy capabilities regardless of the size of an organization’s operations.

Password protection and encryption are available for all services and components of a Milestone VMS environment. Milestone servers also allow for digitally signed recorded video to prevent attempts to manipulate video recording.

Additionally, Milestone VMS provides options for individual privacy masks on cameras, which Milestone software will enforce in both live and recorded video.

6. Milestone Software Simplifies Large-Scale Investigations

Milestone effortlessly integrates with Briefcam and allows for licensing on a camera-by-camera basis, making it affordable to do advanced forensic searching exactly where it is needed.

Additionally, Milestone servers offer video motion detection that generates metadata for Milestone XProtect Rapid REVIEW.

With the XProtect Rapid REVIEW, authorized personnel can isolate all recorded sequences with motion in a selected area to accelerate investigations and minimize the time and associated costs of investigative labor.

BTI: Your Partner for Scaling Milestone VMS

BTI Communications is a licensed Advanced Milestone VMS partner, and we offer total Milestone VMS solutions: from installation, to servicing, to video upkeep, system remote monitoring and management. Regardless of the size or complexity of your VMS requirements, we can handle your organization’s needs.

At BTI, we guarantee to keep your physical security solutions effective, cheap, and predictable. We give our honest assessments and itemized quotes to ensure full transparency on pricing. With BTI, there are no surprising after-the-fact upcharges. There are no hidden markups. There’s no “We reserve the right to raise our prices.”

Are you interested in learning more about BTI Communications and our physical security solutions? Reach out for a free consultation today.


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