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4 Reasons Software House Visitor Management is Ideal for Government Agencies

Software House is often considered the gold standard for high-security door access control and visitor management. As such, it has become one of the top government software providers. Software House’s visitor management’s (C CURE) ease of use, reliability, integration capabilities, and cybersecurity make it ideal for the most demanding secure environments.

Whether it’s the security of a federal agency, the security of a detainment facility, or the maintained security of SCIFs, government agencies require a visitor management system that is highly reliable, secure, and scalable.

Here are the four major reasons why Software House meets government agencies’ needs.


1. Ideal Choice for Crime Prevention

For other visitor management services, many security issues will ultimately be recorded events to be reviewed after the fact. In the course of a security event, an alarm may be triggered and video information will be gathered—but the system may not reliably aid in the crime’s prevention.

Yet government agencies require instantaneous action to protect political figures, vital assets, and public security issues.

Software house is ideal for agencies and organizations looking to prevent crime and loss before it even happens. A Software House visitor management system grants government agencies the instantaneous ability to report on any and every anomaly with a total and complete unalterable audit of events.

2. Unmatched Scalability

With the U.S. federal government being the largest employer on earth, the scale of their needs is uniquely extensive. The reliable scalability of Software House has played a significant role in it becoming one of the top government software providers for visitor management.

Software House can scale without limiting its security and technical capabilities, whether for a small facility or a massive installation involving thousands of secure doors and cameras.

3. The Highest Guarantees of Reliability

Government agencies have some of the most stringent and unique needs for security. Sensitive compartmented information facilities require visitors' access to be continually checked in real-time—and there’s no room for mistakes. Some government agencies have numerous areas with complex security protections far different from the rest of their facilities.

Thankfully, Software House maintains the highest reliability through its wide range of software integrations. Even in the face of their particularly complex needs, Software House remains consistent.

4. Capable of Highest Levels of Security Compliance

The government regulations ensure that facilities are equipped with stalwart, tried, and true software and hardware, which is why they often rely on Software House.

Government agencies don’t have the option to bet on new and unproven technology. They require consistency, reliability, and long-term security. Software House’s cybersecurity defense and technological reliability have made it ideal for the issues that compliance regulations seek to address. With the aid of Software House technology, government agencies continue to prevent crime and not be its victim.

BTI Communications: Authorized Software House Dealer

Perhaps what’s most sensational about Software House hardware and software is that it isn’t often discussed outside of security spheres. That’s because, every day, Software House reliably prevents crimes that would otherwise be newsworthy.

But for Software House visitor management to reach these levels of security and reliability, it requires experts who understand the system and the enterprise’s needs. To enable Software House’s full capabilities, government agencies require authorized dealers who can properly install and service their visitor management software and hardware.

Are you interested in installing a Software House visitor management system? BTI Communications is the authorized Software House dealer that can provide the right system and service for your security needs and budget.

Reach out to us for a free consultation today.


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