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3 Benefits ExacqVision Servers & Server Upgrades Offer Enterprises

Not every network video recorder (NVR) server is ideal for all usage scenarios. Certain organizations have high-security needs and require servers that will match their rigorous demands for quality, consistency, and performance. Other organizations don’t have those same needs, meaning they can operate on different video surveillance servers.

That’s why the experts at BTI Communications put together this post on the benefits of Exacqvision NVR servers. Johnson Controls’ ExacqVision is one of the more common brands found on the market for surveillance video management hardware. Learn the benefits of Exacqvision servers and decide whether they’re the right fit for you.

ExaqVision NVR (Network Video Recorder) server.

Why the Right Video Surveillance Servers Matter

Unlike traditional servers, network video servers use 100% of their hard drive as they constantly are archiving and deleting video data. Video surveillance places a high demand on its hardware, and the wrong choice can soon lead to critical failure.

Organizations must assess their needs for the performance and reliability of their video surveillance servers—before they begin the significant steps associated with installation.

ExacqVision Servers Benefit #1: Convenience

Johnson Controls pair their ExacqVision servers with years of additional software assurance and support. With ExacqVision’s packaged service deals, there is only one manufacturer to call when you need support. This means that, when it’s time for your ExacqVision servers to be repaired, you’ll never have to deal with different companies arguing that other components or services are at fault.

There’s an ease and simplicity of that continued support, and many organizations are willing to pay for that convenience.

ExacqVision Servers Benefit #2: Integration with Software House and Kantech

Software House is one of the market's most reliable and high-quality access control systems for large businesses and Kantech is the same for small and medium sized ones. In both cases, ExacqVision integrates seamlessly. As both products are owned by Johnson Controls, there has been a significant effort made to ensure that the products work together as one.

With proper Software House integration, ExacqVision NVR servers can fully exploit all of the stability, consistency, and integrative capabilities that have made Software House a major choice for even the most demanding security environments. Likewise, with Kantech, Exacqvision integrates smoothly and takes advantage of Kantech’s rules based engine like no other video software solution can, saving hours of labor looking for video and finding what you need for an investigation.

ExacqVision Servers Benefit #3: Suited for Smaller Businesses with Lower Security Needs

ExacqVision servers are often chosen by smaller organizations with lower security needs who are looking to take advantage of the convenience that bundled assurance and support offer.

ExacqVision’s bundled support service comes with software updates that are increasingly critical for many reasons. At an extra cost, businesses who can’t afford to ship their NVR for repair can also buy on site manufacturer support. Most businesses should opt for the on site upgrade if they can’t risk a long disruption in surveillance service.

BTI Communications: Video Surveillance Specialists

When it comes to video surveillance, it’s vital to equip your organization with the right security solution. The wrong servers can break, skip frames in recording, or not perform in critical situations. As such, it’s essential to choose the right product before a security event occurs.

That’s why organizations reach out to the specialists at BTI Communications. We offer the highest quality service and expertise, paired with flat, affordable, and itemized prices. We can help you choose the right server for your needs and offer all the Exacqvision and third party options you might need.

For more information about ExacqVision servers and to learn about the right video surveillance hardware for you, reach out to us today.


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