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What is an MSSP & The Future of Managed Security Services

A managed security service provider or MSSP is a third-party organization that specializes in providing network security services to an organization. Typically, an IT security provider takes off the weight of the shoulders of IT teams by freeing up time and support needed to ensure optimal network security.

However, some managed security service providers not only take care of your network security needs, but also of all your physical security needs including installation, maintenance, support, and upkeep.

What do Managed Security Service Providers do? 

A managed security service provider oversees the management and monitoring of your IT systems and devices.

Allowing a managed IT security provider to take care of your critical systems will not only reduce your training and operational expenses. It will also free up time for your internal IT team, allowing them to focus on more profitable tasks.  

A New Vertical to Managed Security Services 

In the past, managed security service providers only specialized in delivering cybersecurity services for organizations seeking to improve their IT security while speeding up network performance.

Nowadays, MSSPs service offerings are more comprehensive by adding physical security management into the mix.  

The offerings offered by these types of service providers go beyond traditional offerings. Some of these services include:

Traditional Managed Security Services:  

Antiviral Services: According to recent statistics, 2022 had 5.5 billion malware attacks that year. But that is not all, other studies point out that 560,000 new pieces of malware are detected every day.  

 Number of malware attacks per year 2015-2022 statistics.

IT departments are facing an uphill battle when it comes to combating the growing variety of malware attacks. It is becoming extremely challenging, if not almost impossible, for them to keep these attacks contained.

Managed security service providers have the resources to combat viruses and other threats that could harm your business. In addition, an MSSP can design antiviral services to meet your specific needs and requirements.   

Intrusion detection: Intrusion detection refers to the continuous monitoring of all your network devices and equipment to mitigate and eliminate all threats and intruders that may be roaming inside your network.  

Cybersecurity risk banner concept art. 

Managed security providers conduct a proactive approach to intrusion detection by continuously monitoring your network, hardware, and users, to ensure that every aspect of your network remains fully protected while guaranteeing that no undetected intruders can infiltrate your network. 

Firewall Management: A managed firewall is a service that offers enhanced threat management by utilizing security experts. MSSP security providers are responsible for continuously monitoring your firewall and acting against potential threats. It's like having a watchman, police officer, and detective all working together. 

These security experts will closely analyze your system's network traffic to identify patterns and establish security parameters. If any event deviates from these parameters, an alert is triggered, and the potential threat is promptly addressed. 

Vulnerability Scanning: When it comes to detecting potential dangers, a managed security service provider assesses any weaknesses in your network. These weaknesses may include obvious targets for cybercriminals. However, there are also situations where criminals try to exploit vulnerabilities that are a few steps away from their intended target.  

Microsoft 365, Mircrosoft Defender dashboard.

With the help of a managed security providers, you can identify and address each vulnerability, whether it is directly connected to your network or a few degrees away. 

Virtual Private Network (VPN): When entrusted to managed security service providers, a VPN can provide a secure shelter for your organization's operations. By isolating it from other users, a private VPN reduces the risk of intrusion. By limiting access to only authorized users, your MSSP can focus on implementing security measures to protect the network from their devices. 

VPN concept art.

Physical Security Managed Services  

Managing both physical security and cybersecurity solutions can be complex, but an MSSP like BTI makes it easy. With a single provider, you can have all your solutions handled with ease.

From installation to maintenance, everything is taken care of through one point of contact allowing you to eliminate the hassle of multiple providers by streamlining your security management.

Some of the MSSP offerings provided by BTI include:  

Door Access Control: Besides installing, maintaining, updating, and monitoring your systems, managed security services providers that work with door access control solutions are also able to easily integrate your existing physical security and cybersecurity solutions into a unique, streamlined solution that synchronizes perfectly with one another. 

Women requesting access through an Openpath access control solution while the security manager monitors the security camera to grant access.

Security Cameras: Security cameras are a crucial investment for any organization. Integration with cybersecurity measures allows for the correlation of physical events captured by cameras with digital security events, providing a more comprehensive threat detection system. 

 Close-up of an Ava security camera mounted on a wall.

Integrating security cybersecurity measures helps preserve and secure digital evidence for forensic analysis, reinforces the overall security posture, increases situational awareness, integration with other security solutions, and more.  

Alarm System: When alarm systems and physical security systems work together, they create a powerful combination that improves response time, decreases false alarms, and enhances overall security. This seamless coordination not only strengthens protection but also boosts operational efficiency and awareness. 

 Close-up of an employee arming a business alarm system.


The roles of MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and MSSP’s (Managed Security Service Providers) are often confused. MSP’s and MSSP’s are third-party providers, but the focus is different. 

The goal of an MSP (Managed service providers) is to ensure the optimal performance of your IT operations and its offerings while managed security service providers focus on providing cybersecurity services. Some MMSPs like BTI also deliver physical security services.  

MSPs vs MSSPs: Key Differences




Area of Focus

Managed and Co-managed IT Services

Cybersecurity services and in some cases, physical security services


  • Improve day-to-day efficiency and productivity

  • Ensure a smooth scaling of your operations

  • Ensure the optimal health and upkeep of your network systems.

  • Stop data breaches and reduce the risks associated with cybersecurity and in special cases physical security.

  • Ensure your systems are up to date and comply with the regulations in your industry.

  • Monitoring and protecting your systems


MSPs provide standard cybersecurity services such as system and email monitoring and application patching.  


MSSPs provide a more specialized approach to cybersecurity. MSSPs offer a range of specialized cybersecurity services to keep your business safe. Some of these services include endpoint and network protection, threat detection and response, threat intelligence, threat hunting, and other cybersecurity.  


  • Automation 

  • Cloud Migration  

  • End-user management 

  • Help-desk services 

  • Technical Support  

  • Remote Monitoring  

  • Optimization of Business Operations

  • 24/7 Security Monitoring  

  • Anti-Virus  

  • Anti-Malware 

  • Anti-Spam  

  • Access Point Identity Management  

  • Endpoint security  

  • Security awareness training  

The Benefits of Managed Security Services with a Comprehensive Approach

The Best of Both Worlds

A usual mistake made by organizations is neglecting either physical security or cybersecurity. Having a combination of physical security and cybersecurity measures is essential for a strong defense strategy.

By covering both the physical and digital aspects, you can effectively protect your assets, operations, and reputation. Do not settle for just one type of security when you can have a comprehensive approach that ensures maximum protection.

When you can have the best of both physical security and cybersecurity solutions the possibilities are endless. From seamless integration, and increased productivity to a massive cost reduction, and more, a streamlined approach takes your business productivity and security to the next level.

Get the Expertise You Need

Do not let a shortage of cybersecurity personnel hold you back. In addition to limited staff, organizations often find themselves in need of specialized cybersecurity expertise in the event of an incident.

Thankfully, with MSSP service providers like BTI, you can have access to a full team of physical security specialists.

24/7 Protection

Cyberattacks can occur at any time, not just during an organization’s standard business hours. An MSSP like BTI will provide 24/7 protection to provide continual detection and response to potential physical security threats and cyberattacks.

Customized Configuration and Management

Get the most out of your cybersecurity solutions by having them customized and managed to fit your specific security needs. Partnering with a managed security service provider gives you the advantage of professional security management without the need for in-house talent.

Reduced Costs

With BTI's managed security services you have access to a full suite of professional and security solutions for a fixed rate. Managed security service providers take care of the installation, maintenance, upkeep, monitoring, and protection of your business while also providing the professionals you need behind the wheel to keep your business safe.

With MSSPs services, you get complete security coverage provided by a team of experts. Our experts handle all aspects of your business's security - from setup to maintenance, monitoring, and protection.

This means you do not need to invest in additional on-site specialists or solutions. Trust professionals to keep your business safe and secure while you focus on what you do best.

Ensure Compliance

Managed security service providers help you stay ahead of complex data protection regulations like GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and PCI DSS with an MSSP. With a managed security service provider like BTI, you do not have to worry about collecting data and generating reports to demonstrate compliance.

Our team will ensure that you are always ready to excel in compliance audits while avoiding any potential incidents that may arise.

BTI: Your One-Stop-Shop for all Your Managed Services Needs 

Protecting your business is essential. That is why partnering with managed security service providers is crucial to ensure your business is protected. BTI is not your typical cyber security managed security service provider. Our 35+ years of experience allow us to go beyond the norm to offer you world-class MSP and MSSP services, including physical security and managed communication solutions.


We do not just provide basic security maintenance. Our unique capabilities, like RMM, distributed databases, and remote administration, allow us to maximize the value of your solutions while reducing your costs and boosting your productivity. 

Our goal? Unlock the full power of your solutions to ensure you achieve unmatched performance, reduced costs, and unparalleled security measures. 


Are you ready to revolutionize your business? Contact us today and let us take care of all your needs and achieve the peace of mind that you deserve.  



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